Triskelion . Very old symbol that has multiple meanings and functions and is used to protect and contain objects and even powerful spirits, whose shape is seen on the lid of a box made from parts of an ancient Nemeton .


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  • 5 Triskelion as a Celtic symbol
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  • 6 Three Worlds represented by the Triskelion
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  • 8 Lunar Symbolism Associated with the Triskelion
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  • 10 Triskelion in Teen Wolf
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The trisquel, triskelion or triskele (of rotational symmetry) is an (artistic) motif consisting of three joined spirals, three bent human legs, or three lines extended or bent from the center of the symbol. The word comes from the Greek triskelés τρισκελής which means “three legs”, from the prefix “τρι -” (tri-) three times and “σκέλος” (skelos) leg. Although it appears in various places and periods including in 3200 BC. C . at Newgrange it is an essential characteristic part of the Celtic art of the Iron Age culture of [[La Tène] . It is included in the coat of arms of the Isle of Man , and with a central face of jellyfish in that of the Italian island of Sicily. According to Celtic culture, the triskelion represents evolution and growth, the balance between body, mind and spirit. It manifests the beginning and the end, eternal evolution and perpetual learning. Among the druids it symbolized learning, and the trinity: Past, Present and Future.

According to this culture, druids were the only ones who could carry this sacred symbol. As a talisman, it was used to relieve fevers and heal wounds. Numerous trisquels have been found in the form of petroglyphs engraved on the stone; such vestiges are very common in the Spanish autonomous communities of Galicia , Asturias , Cantabria and the Basque Country and in Numancia , even simulating the magical flight in the hoopoe’s cup to link the world of mortals through birds, becoming the aforementioned symbol in a representative icon of Celtic culture. Pre-Roman trisquels have also been found ( trescelas right and left ) in Vizcaya , in the stelae found in Meñaca , Dima and Zamudio . Likewise, it appeared in monetary mintings of the pre-Roman city of Ilíberis (today Granada ).

Triskelion types

  • Right-handed.


Prehistoric symbol representing power, energy and forward movement as a sign of advance.

Triskelion is a Greek term that means “three legs”, but it is also one of the oldest symbols of humanity. The three legs, emerging from a central point and representing power, energy, and forward movement, can be found in northern Italy in prehistoric rock carvings, in 6th century BC Greek coins and vessels, and in ceramics from from Mycenae . The version of the triskelion that constitutes the symbol of Sicily shows the head of Medusa in the center. Pliny the Elder claimed that the triskelion represented the triangular shape of the island and its three bays.

How did it come about?

“The tradition passed down through the generations, and involved the use of a sacred object called the Triskelion.”

Triskelion as a Celtic symbol

The Celtic triskelion symbol which means deals with the competition and progress of man. The Greek term triskelion literally means “three legs,” and appropriately, this sign closely resembles three running legs. The triskelion (also known as triskele, triquetra, or fylfot) Celtic symbol meaning has two main components of symbolism.

First component

When observing this symbol, they are taken with the concept of movement. The three branches (legs, protrusions, angles) are positioned in such a way in order to make the symbol appear as if it is constantly moving forward. This is no coincidence that this sensation of movement represents the fundamental energies within this Celtic symbol … Active symbolism of the Triskelion Symbol: Action Cycles Progress Revolution Competition Looking to the future

Second component

The three projections (legs, angles, branches, etc.) are of great symbolic importance. However, depending on the time, the region, the culture, the mythological history, etc … symbolists may have a difficult time defining the exact symbolic meaning of the three ledges. The various representations of the three ledges found on the triskelion include: The meanings of the three symbolic extensions of the Triskelion

  • Spirit, Mind, Body
  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Mother, Father, Child
  • Past, present and future
  • Energy, intellect, love
  • Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
  • Creation, preservation, destruction

All of these (and more) can be designated for each of the meanings found in the triskelion – it is simply up to the observer (or cultivation of origin) to utter up to these meanings. The combination of these two components (movement and triad attributes) lead us to the conclusion that this Celtic symbol tells a story of forward movement in the effort to reach agreement (in the context of one of the many dynamics shown above. on the list). This prominent Celtic symbol can also represent the three Celtic worlds.

Three Worlds represented by the Triskelion

  • The Otherworld: Where spirits, gods and goddesses live.
  • The world of mortals: Where you and I live with animals and plants.
  • The Celestial World: Where invisible energies live and move. Like the forces of the sun, moon, wind, and water.


Number three is a powerful energy, for seemingly endless reasons: One of them is the representation of number three, according to the three measurements of the main marks in the phases of the moon (new, medium, full). This is a worthy point because the most lunar creatures are described as having only three legs in esoteric art. When we add lunar implications to the meaning of the triskelion it is about …

Lunar Symbolism Associated with the Triskelion

  • Mystery
  • Female
  • Intuition
  • Subtlety
  • Subconscious
  • Spirituality
  • illumination
  • Hidden desire

As you can see, the meaning of the Celtic symbol of the triskelion is more powerful than just “three legs”. When the variables listed here are combined with the concept of movement and evolution and illumination, we find that the meaning of the Celtic symbol of the triskelion has much broader connotations. As you can see, this Celtic symbol that it means is huge, varied and diverse. With so many possibilities of great depth and meaning, it is not surprising that the triskelion was such a predominantly prominent symbol among Celtic peoples. But if we could try to summarize the meaning of this symbol of the trinity, we could do it in the following way:

Summary of Triskelion symbolic meanings

  • Personal growth
  • Human development
  • Spiritual Expansion

Triskelion in Teen Wolf

It is believed that Derek’s intention in using it is through its Celtic meaning, where it could represent the stages of life and progress through it, reincarnation, the three kingdoms (heaven, water, earth) or the moon phases ( new, medium or full). We see it for the first time on Derek’s back, they are three spirals similar to The Spiral of Vengeance among the wolf packs. This is a very old symbol that has multiple meanings. Boyd recounted in Season 2 that it can mean multiple things depending on the person. For some it was the past, present and future, for others mother, father and son. Derek said that for him they represented the three types of Werewolves : Alpha , Beta and Omega, saying that we can all be everyone. A Beta can become an Alpha, and can become an Omega.

In Season 3 the idea of ​​the Triskel is introduced in the form of a box made of Nemeton wood by Alan Deaton and where Talia Hale’s claws are kept . That’s where the boys locked up the nogitsune . Later in Season 4 , the Hale are discovered to possess a Triskel-shaped metal medallion that helps young werewolves learn to control themselves during the full moon. According to Peter , Talia taught Laurato keep control like that and then he tried to show Derek, but failed. Although we see Derek in a flashback with the Triskelion repeating the phrase: Alpha, Beta, Omega. It is a “box” made from parts of the Nemeton, by Alan Deaton, where the talons of the Alpha, Talia Hale, were kept. This one is found by Derek, Peter and Braedenin a box full of mountain ash, making neither Derek nor Peter take it. Inside, Talia’s claws were discovered, the jar seemed to be specialized so that it could be used as a way to enter the memories of this Alpha. That’s how Derek uses it, managing to talk to his mother, and that’s how Peter uses it, giving them to Lydia so that she could see the memories. Alan revealed that he created it, although no further details were given. It was used to contain the nogitsune due to its power.


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