Tomato technique: method to better manage your work

Tomato technique. Ever heard of it? The “Pomodoro Technique”, created by Francesco Cirillo, is used to improve and optimize the management of one’s time. This means becoming more productive and focused. So work less and, above all, have more free time .

But how exactly does it work? Everything takes place through a timer, perhaps in the shape of a tomato, which punctuates with its sound small blocks of time of 25 minutes and short intervals, helping each time to achieve a set working goal. This is how, those who have tried it swear, one can resist interruptions, concentrating on one’s own tasks and making sure to make the best use of the time available.

The method in brief: first step, analyze the day to identify the time available. Determine the number of blocks of 25 minutes of time (“Tomatoes”). Then assign the job to the above blocks. No single activity can require more than 3-5 tomatoes (if so, it is necessary to divide the activity into sub-activities). Among the various Tomatoes you need to plan a very short 2-3 minute break, while after several hours you need to plan a longer break. So, during the working day, every time you have to start the timer and record the work done, so you can change the initial plan and solve all the problems that hinder the concentration on the task for 25 minutes.

It is a very simple method, easy to try. Perhaps the key to its success lies in attributing to a physical object, the tomato-shaped timer, the solution to perform several fundamental mental processes: finishing a task, resisting interruptions, focusing on the conclusion and monitoring the progress made. Setting the timer and writing down what you will do during the tomato embody the choice to engage. What is most striking about this technique is its ability to help maintain the delicate mental balance between discipline and flexibility, essential for productive thinking. Highly recommended. Or, as Rita Pavone would sing, “live the tomato technique!”.

Summing up:

What is the Tomato Technique

  • It is a method to better manage your work and organize your time efficiently.
  • At the beginning of each day choose the activities you want to carry out and arrange them in order of priority.
  • Each work session, study session or any activity to be carried out is divided into a 30-minute (tomato) session: 25 work and 5 break.

The objectives of the Tomato Technique

  • Relieve anxiety related to becoming.
  • Improve concentration by eliminating interruptions.
  • Raise awareness of your decisions.
  • Spur to achieve your goals.
  • Optimize the method of work or study.
  • Reinforce the determination to consistently apply in complex situations.
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