10 Great Tips To Get Peaceful Sleep In Stressful Times

Getting Peaceful Sleep In Stressful Times is very important for all of us.The success comes not only from what we do when we are awake, but also by the ability of our body and our mind to at night.Insomnia is a characteristic malady of our age. The hurry and bustle of our modern world is unparalleled. Tension due to life’s tempo, is everywhere evident. Because of life’s exacting demands, there are growing numbers whose nerves stubbornly refuse to settle, and whose minds will persist in feverishly working long after the blessed oblivion of sleep should have brought rest and release.We will Discuss in this article tips to get peaceful sleep in stressful times.

10 Great Tips To Get Peaceful Sleep In Stressful Times

There is no physical exhaustion to equal that which is emotional. If you are worried, anxious, or tense, or if you have quarreled and feel in consequence that your world is black, you will be far more exhausted than the man who has labored hard all day, but has mental peace.

Often the real need is just a few hours or a few days away in the country, where all is peaceful. Strange but true, however, is the fact that what is often needed by a tense, sleepless individual is not a change of environment, but a change of diet. It has been truly said that we are what we eat. If our diet includes foods which are natural, plain, well-balanced, and excludes the rich and irritating foods, we will have clearer minds and calmer nerves. If our evening meal is a light one, consisting for instance of only fruit and toast, our stomach is then able to rest at night with the other parts of the body. The blood is free to do its work of cleansing the organs of waste, instead of being called to the stomach, most of the night, to digest food.

Furthermore, we shall dream less and sleep more soundly if our stomach is able thus to rest.

Natural Ways To Get Peaceful Sleep Without Any Side Effects

Breakfast Important.

Breakfast is a vital factor in healthful sleep. It should be one of the main meals of the day. It should be eaten calmly, and masticated well. We should rise early enough to avoid having to hurry with breakfast.It is an essential health rule to eat a good breakfast with plenty of fruit and whole grain cereals or toast, a moderate amount of milk and, if possible, eggs. You will thus feel more able to cope with your daily work. The knowledge of work well done is, in itself, conducive to restful sleep.

But what of those who object that they have no appetite first thing in the morning? The simple and effective remedy for this is to have a small meal for the six o’clock tea. Thus the stomach is given proper rest at night. A few days of this, and a regular, healthy craving for a hearty breakfast results.

If we dieckcd the actual food intake of many children for a day, we would not wonder that they are cross and rebellious when disciplined or checked. We would no longer wonder that the}’ are restless at night, or cry out in their sleep. A child should never be forced to eat; but, of course, he should be required to eat vegetables before dessert, and usually no food is needed before dinner if breakfast is not desired. In short, regularity and a balanced diet are as vital for children as for adults.

It is surprising how many problems are automatically settled by having a well-balanced diet. Mental as well as physical problems have a direct connection with diet. A good diet means a healthy stomach, mental vigour, refreshing sleep, and a pleasanter disposition.

Exercise Necessary.

Exercise is essential if sound sleep is to be enjoyed. Attention is wisely given by some to indoor exercises, such as those for reducing, or mounding the figure. Whatever their nature, exercises should be done before an open window, or better still, in the open air.The best exercise is that taken outdoors in the form of play or work. A man with a sedentary occupation will do well to spend at least half an hour in the garden each evening.

Walking also is an excellent form of exercise. It should be a walk brisk enough to make the heart beat faster and lungs breathe more freely.

For the brain worker physical exercise is positively essential, otherwise too much blood will be called to the brain. He may feel he cannot take time to exercise, but in actual fact he cannot afford not to take it. With moderate exercise a person will sleep better, and be more able to face the next day with vigor.It may be a comforting thought to know that if a person is relaxed he is resting even if he is not asleep.

Fresh Air at Night.

To ensure sound sleep one should have fresh air in the bedroom, taking care to avoid droughts. Each day there should, if at all possible, be heat in the bedroom for at least an hour or two during cold, damp weather, to dry out the room. Remember that cold air is not necessarily fresh air.Nothing will make a person relax, promoting a feeling of restfulness, like simple faith in the fact that God is caring for everything. He is the Author of true peace in the heart.


Neutral Bath.

Fill the bath tub half full with comfortably warm water. Do not add more hot water unless it begins to feel chilly. Lie in this bath for twenty to thirty minutes before going to bed. This will help you to relax, and will undoubtedly promote a feeling of sleepiness.

Foot Bash.

Fill a pail two-thirds full of hot water—as hot as the feet cm reasonably stand Place the feet in the pail for five minutes, then pour a pan of cold water over them while holding them up out of the water. This will clear the head and chest of excess blood, and equalize the circulation. The hot and cold foot bath is especially good for brain workers and for people who worry a lot

Fomentation to Spine.

Hot fomentation to the spine are usually very helpful in combating insomnia. Procedure is to use heavy towels, or folded pieces of old blanketing, wrung out of boiling water. The wrung-out cloth should be carefully placed on the spine, and then covered with a piece of old blanket.

When wringing, leave the ends of the fomentation out of the water, so you can handle them. Apply close fomentation s while the patient is resting in bed, and gently stroke the spine afterward. Make sure the feet are warm. This procedure often works when everything else fails.So if you are a sufferer from sleeplessness, check well your diet and health habits, and try these simple methods.

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