Great Essay About How To Stay Healthy In Life?

Here is great essay about How To Stay Healthy In Life.Health and peace of mind are among life’s greatest treasures Whatever our age or means, most of us may enjoy a fuller degree of physical health, and none need lack mental peace. Everyone holds the key. We shall endeavor to set forth certain basic principles which are necessary for the key to be used effectively.

The fact is obvious that on ever)’ hand we find suffering and disease. People are afflicted with all kinds of ailments, among which cancer, diabetes, and diseases of the heart and blood-vessels, rank high. Increasing demand is made on the hospital services. As we become aware of the prevailing condition, we might well ask. How can we avoid serious illness?

First of all, what is health? And what is disease? According to Taber’s Medical Dictionary, health is “wholeness, a condition in which all functions of body and mind arc normally active ” From this we see that the normal, natural state is what we mean by health.

A “diseased” condition develops when we do not maintain health. Disease is the absence of health. Thus it is that in many conditions the physician combats disease not so much by concentrating on the disease itself, as by seeking to restore health.

It is recognized that the right approach to the problem of curing or avoiding disease, is to concentrate on restoring or maintaining positive health. For instance, a nurse is taught that she must give special attention to diet, cleanliness, fresh air, rest, and exercise. If she maintains her health in this way, she will be better able to endure the strain of attending the sick, and disease germs will be unable to flourish. Generally speaking, the same rules she follows in order to maintain health, the patient must follow in order to regain health—though he will need to adhere even more strictly to nature’s rules during the period of restoration. Any injurious habits should be corrected, so that bodily health be restored to the point where disease germs are simply unable to flourish.

How To Stay Healthy In Life And How To Maintain A Healthy Life Style

Proper Nutrition Comes First.

The greatest single factor in promoting and maintaining health, is proper nutrition. Without it, disease is sure to appear. Right food forms the foundation for health. Poor food means poor nutrition, poor nutrition leads to poor physical structure, and poor structure spells ill health and disease.

There are many other factors to be considered, of course. These include: exercise, fresh air, proper clothing, personal hygiene, and mental peace. But we repeat, food is the greatest single factor. We shall consider the other factors in other sections.

The blood nourishes every organ and cell of the body. If the blood is clean and pure, it will perform its work efficiently. But it is the food which nourishes the blood. If we eat poor food, the blood inevitably absorbs inferior nutriment which is distributed around the various parts of the body. For instance, if the kidneys do not receive the nourishment they need, they will be defective, and the person will be subject to kidney disease. Even the hair is affected. If it has not proper nourishment from the blood, it will be dull, listless, and brittle.

If one imbibes poisons by means of defective food or injurious habits, the blood will absorb them just as it will the minerals, vitamins, and other food nutrients, and then convey them to the various organs of our bodies. Though the body excretes by normal avenues as much of this poison as possible, it sometimes accumulates in different parts of the body—such as the tonsils, and thereby diminishes our health. The poorer the food, and the longer the period during which the poor food is eaten, the worse are the results.

Disease generally, cannot live in a healthy body—it simply cannot find place in the body if the blood is healthy through proper food and right living.Clearly then, anyone desiring radiant health must give attention to diet.Principles of Proper Dietary. In choosing foods and planning diets, the emphasis should be, not so much on what we like, but on what is for the body’s best good. Because taste alone is so often permitted to be the deciding factor, the essentials of balanced nutrition are missing in many modern menus.

The best evidence that in many cases the diet is not correct, is that victims of all kinds of diseases are improved mentally and physically when a radical change is made by switching to a high mineral and vitamin diet, or after taking mineral and vitamin concentrates, in order to catch up on past deficiencies.

Natural Dietary Best.

The ideal for everyone of course, is a natural, unspoiled dietary. On this point it is worth while noticing that the ever-popular lunch sandwiches, when made with white bread, simply do not give proper nourishment. In some cases, an attempt is made to add to the refined, white flour, the elements of which wheat is robbed in the milling process. But food minerals and vitamins as already prepared by nature in fruits, grains, nuts, and vegetables, arc better organized than synthetic or laboratory ones, and they are more readily used by the body.

Examples of Malnutrition.

The people of Labrador suffer severely in the winter from scurvy and beriberi. This is due to the impossibility of obtaining fresh fruit or vegetables during this period.The Indians of Western Canada enjoyed good health and old age until civilization spread to them. With the coming of the white man they traded their fish and furs for white flour, white flour products, and sugar They referred to these things as “white man’s food ” They were delighted, but it .was not long before they began to develop, for the first time, tooth decay, arthritis, and other ailments. Their energy was lessened, and their average life span was shortened *

The inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, were in excellent health until regular shipping began between them and the mainland. The Scots and English introduced to them sweets and cakes—products of white sugar and white flour. Naturally, the Hebrides relished these new commodities; but before long, they began having tooth decay, adenoids, enlarged and diseased tonsils, arthritis, and tuberculosis. It was a new experience for them to suffer in this way.These examples, which could be multiplied many times, underline the importance of a natural, unspoiled dietary’, retaining the perfect balance of food nutrients which nature has provided.

Using Our Health Key How shall we start using our key to health. We should, of course, be careful to see that any changes which may be necessary are made gradually. A good way to begin a positive pursual of radiant health is by making sure we have fresh, juicy fruit each morning for breakfast. Then for dinner, have a dish of raw, grated, or chopped vegetables together with the other items comprising the meal. Remember that fruit and vegetables are cleansing foods They will help to keep the body free from impurities, and at the same time provide us with a rich supply of minerals and vitamins.

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