Tips to feed your well-being without giving up

Eating is a primary need but, for most of us, it is also a pleasure. And rightly so, since well-being is not only a physical aspect, but also a mental one.

Ergo: an “adequate” diet cannot ignore the pleasantness of the foods that make it up!

On the other hand, it is not always easy to find the right compromise between taste and health.

Fortunately, today it is possible to rely on lactose-free milk and derivatives, such as Lactose Free Philadephia , a spreadable cheese with a delicate flavor capable of satisfying even those suffering from adverse reactions to milk sugar.

Lactose intolerance: what it is and what causes it

Lactose intolerance is nothing more than the insufficiency or total lack of lactase , an enzyme normally present in the small intestine of human beings in childhood.

The Italian population retains lactase quite well even in adulthood, unlike other ethnic groups in which most do not have it.

But what happens to those who cannot tolerate milk sugar if they take it by mistake?

Being devoid of lactase, lactose intolerant people experience unpleasant gastro-intestinal symptoms , dose-dependent, variable according to the composition of the meal and always rather subjective.

What to pay attention to in case of lactose intolerance?

Lactose intolerance is not a disease, but a ” condition “. It is enough to avoid taking lactose to avoid any problems; sadly though, it’s often “easier said than done”.

First of all, because many recipes and preparations contain milk, butter or fresh cheese; it is not easy to constantly give up certain delights.

Fortunately, thanks to the food industry, it is now possible to ” pre-digest ” the lactose present in milk and thus obtain foods and drinks free of this sugar such as Lactose Free Philadephia .

Secondly, lactose is often “hidden”, i.e. present in “unsuspected” ingredients (sausages, spirits, etc.). For this reason, in addition to avoiding milk and non-delactose derivatives, those with intolerance should carefully consult food labels and pay attention to what is offered in mass catering .

Don’t give up the taste of Philadephia: try it Lactose free!

Taking up what was reported in the introduction, well-being also passes through the palate. This is why, for lactose intolerant people, having foods without milk sugar available is a very important aspect of the quality and pleasantness of the diet.

Philadephia Lactose Free is a spreadable cheese based on pasteurized milk and milk cream in which the lactose (disaccharide sugar) has been split into glucose and galactose (two freely absorbable monosaccharides). It is also gluten free and preserved.

Suitable for vegetarians , a 30 g portion of Lactose Free Philadelphia provides only 48 kcal, supplied by 1.8 g of proteins, 1.3 g of carbohydrates and 3.8 g of fats.

Philadephia Lactose Free can be used in a wide range of recipes . This is because it lends itself to structuring appetizers, first courses, second courses, main courses and even desserts.

  • It goes perfectly with fresh vegetables;
  • it is used as an accompanying ” sauce ” for grilled vegetables;
  • loose,it can flavor first courses or enrich meat or egg-based dishes;
  • spreadon biscuits, bread or rusks, it goes well with jams or fresh fruit, as well as with anchovies, olives, capers and aromatic herbs;
  • perfectly accompanies raw fish, e.g. smoked salmon;
  • it is almost irreplaceable in many dessert recipes such as cheesecake, cooked and raw.


Philadephia Lactose Free is a perfect food for the well-being of those intolerant to milk sugar.

It satisfies the palate and allows you to enjoy a spreadable cheese without the fear of having to check for the typical symptoms of lactose intolerance.


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