Tips to avoid sagging breasts

With age, elasticity and firmness are lost in a woman’s breasts, which causes them to fall. This sagging can be accentuated with pregnancy, lactation, and hormonal changes. But to these natural causes, which are difficult to control, Ana Revuelta , an aesthetic doctor and pharmacist, adds habits that also accentuate the problem.

  • An inappropriate bra : itis one of the most influential and least taken into account. “80 percent of women do not use a suitable size and the consequence is sagging breasts.”

When asked if it is convenient to sleep with a bra, Revuelta thinks that “depending on its hardness, whether or not it wears an underwire, and the conditions of the woman’s chest, it can affect lymphatic circulation. The fact of sleeping without a bra allows us to receive a natural massage on the breast . There are preventive methods that help us to keep the breast firm more than sleeping in a bra, which can cause other unwanted effects ”.

  • Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking:its consumption has side effects on the skin, such as loss of collagenand elastin and decreased blood flow.
  • Aging caused by sun exposure:the sun that hits the décolleté also has a negative effect on the breasts.
  • Weight changes:affects the elasticity of the skin, like the lack of exercise.

“Whether breast sagging occurs at an earlier or later age depends on healthy lifestyle habits,” says Revuelta. In general, “it occurs after 40 years with the loss of collagen typical of age.”

Prevent fall

In order not to reach this point, or to slow down the process, Revuelta advises using firming, hydrating and nourishing cosmetic products. Also avoid all the causes that precipitate the process and perform exercises to strengthen the body muscles (at home or in the gym ).

These exercises are to tone the pectoral muscles. Some examples would be “doing exercises similar to swimming without a pool or putting your hands together, pressing and relaxing, doing repetition sets”.

What to do when they have already fallen

Depending on the degree of sagging and, before resorting to plastic surgery, “we found numerous aesthetic treatments that improve the skin, by maintaining and activating collagen and elastin.” Some examples are mesotherapy, cosmetic products, and radiofrequency, a therapy that allows to reaffirm and restore breast sagging.

Plastic surgery

If the above does not work or you prefer to opt for cosmetic surgery, there are procedures such as mastopexy, which is breast lift surgery.

This technique is known as a breast lift and can be performed with or without a breast prosthesis, depending on the circumstances and characteristics of the patient.

In conclusion, Revuelta suggests good lifestyle habits, continued exercise, suitable cosmetic products and preventive aesthetic treatments under medical supervision.


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