Tips to Become a Reliable Content Writer

n this digital era, it is certainly very easy for you to access the internet and find information. The amount of content and articles spread in the media, of course there are people who play a role behind it, namely the content writer or content writer. Check out the following reviews to get to know more about what a content writer is.

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What is a Content Writer

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Some people may be unfamiliar with content writers, including you. A content writer is a writer who is proficient and professional and has a duty to create interesting content in online media.

The content created by this content writer can be in the form of blogs, articles, posts (captions) on social media, or any writing based online. Apart from creating writing, another content writer’s job is to be responsible for ensuring the conformity and harmony between the writing and the website and the attached images.

A content writer must be adept at writing articles that can attract readers’ interest and are indirectly responsible for website traffic. Content writers also consist of several types based on their expertise and content, namely SEO writer, journalistic writer, technical writer, generalist writer, and social media writer.

SEO writers are tasked with writing content according to set keywords and ensure that the writing is according to SEO standards. Journalistic writers have the task of writing the latest news (hard news) and soft news such as entertainment and features on news portals, online media, and websites.

Generalist writers have the task of creating as much content as possible freely without being fixed on a particular theme, while for technical writers the task of writing a manual guide for a product.

Meanwhile, the type of content writer who is very close to everyday life is a social media writer. Without realizing it, you often read interesting captions from various brand accounts on Instagram.

A content writer on social media must also be able to create catchy, creative, interactive, and up to date writing to attract social media users and increase engagement.

How to Become a Content Writer

Tips to Become a Content Writer

After knowing what a content writer is, you may start to become interested in getting involved in content writing. So, to become a content writer with interesting and quality writing, there are several ways, namely as follows.

  1. Has a hobby of reading

Being a content writer will certainly require you to read a lot. Because by reading, your knowledge and vocabulary will increase. Creative ideas will also appear as writing material. If you don’t know a lot of vocabulary, it will hinder your writing activities.

  1. Diligently Practicing Writing

To practice your writing skills, feel free to practice and keep practicing. You can write anything, whether you write in your personal folder or try to write your own blog. If you practice diligently, then your writing experience will also increase.

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  1. Trying to become a freelance writer

Become a freelance writer

If you want to practice writing as well as get additional income, you can join a writing agency or freelancer site like sribulancer or By becoming a freelance writer, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the world of writing and practice writing skills to make your writing better.

  1. Attend Writing Training or Workshop

Apart from joining writing agencies and freelancer websites, you can also take part in training or workshops related to the world of writing to hone your skills and skills.

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  1. Join the Author Group

To hone skills and share experiences with each other, you can try joining a writing group. That way, you will learn many things, so that your knowledge regarding the world of writing will increase.

  1. Have a Mentor

For those of you who want to become a professional content writer, you can find a mentor who is able to guide and motivate. This is to encourage your career in the world of writing, because every job, of course, has its respective obstacles and risks.

  1. Looking for inspirations

Looking for inspirations

One of the crucial assets for a writer is inspiration. Inspiration is needed so that the writing you write can be interesting and informative. Often times what is an obstacle for writers is a dull idea due to lack of inspiration. To refresh your mind, you can go out for a moment, take a walk, watch TV, exercise, or do yoga.

  1. Be open to criticism and suggestions

As a beginner, you must be open to suggestions and criticism to continue to improve yourself and the quality of your writing. With the criticism and suggestions given by external parties, your enthusiasm will also be motivated so that you can create interesting and quality writing.

The explanation above can add to your insight more clearly what a content writer is. Becoming a reliable and professional content writer is tricky.

It takes confidence, persistence, and enthusiasm to continue to learn and practice, it’s not impossible anymore you can become a successful writer and become a promising field of income.

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