Tin extractor

Tin Extractor. Tool used to remove tin from electrical circuits.


Its shape is similar to an injector or syringe, it consists of a tube that performs the function of tank or body, this tube is usually made of plastic or aluminum , inside it holds a piston or plunger actuated by a spring and attached to a rod protruding from one end, at the other end it has a plastic tip or other materials that resist the heat of fusion of tin such as fibers or silicones, although these are less used.

How to use

The operation is very simple. First it is ‘loaded’ by pressing on the end of the rod, which is also known as the latch, until it locks, the tin to be removed is heated to melt it and at this moment the tip is stuck to it by pressing the side button, which releases the latch attached to the piston, creating a vacuum that sucks up the tin. When the process is repeated (loading the instrument) through the tip, a good part of the previously sucked tin is ejected, already in a solid state, which can be used to make new solders. Every certain period of time it is necessary to disassemble the instrument to clean tin residues that accumulate inside the tube and in this way maintain the proper functioning of the tool.


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