Thermage (thermacool) application in eye area

The eye region is the first part where we notice signs of aging. From the age of 30, the appearance of wrinkles (light and deep), sagging and dark circles in this area is common, as well as the search for aesthetic treatments that help combat these unwanted effects.

In the clinic, in addition to the well-known lasers, pulsed light and peels, radiofrequency – technology that emits waves that heat the deepest layers of the skin – restructures the collagen (substance that guarantees the elasticity and firmness of the skin) and stimulates the new formation of that protein with the aim of leaving the cuntis looking younger.

The Thermage ® is a medical treatment that uses radio frequency (RF) to correct sagging skin. It is safe, non-invasive, can be used on any type of skin, whether in men or women and does not need recovery time after treatment. This treatment can be done at any time of the year, as it is not a photosensitive treatment. It is the only RF method in which the treatment is performed in just one session. It is a very invasive non-invasive treatment for the periocular area.


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