The importance of studying a foreign language

We realize the importance of studying a foreign language when we meet people from other cultures, appreciate traditions and customs of other nations or break down the barriers that divide peoples. Learning to speak a new language helps to increase one’s self-esteem as well as improve employment prospects. Given the continuous transformation of the company and the growing demand for qualified personnel by local companies, it was considered appropriate to meet this need of the labor market by providing students with all the necessary tools to cope, in a safe and conscious way. , to the challenges that the world of work presents.

The need to teach a second language in all schools enriches the opportunities offered to children to acquire greater linguistic competence.

The need to teach this discipline arises from the growing development of mass communication ; in fact, the increase in exchanges with other countries requires knowledge of a second language.

Introducing the teaching of a foreign language does not only mean making the language of other peoples known, but allows children to become aware of the fact that they are still different from their own.

But schools have some flaws, in particular the fact of basing teaching only on books and frontal lessons, when experiences would also be appropriate! However, this is not a problem that concerns only Italy, but many countries in the world.

If you have a lot of work experience, you are also more likely to find work, as many employers want to hire experienced employees! Therefore it would be advisable for schools to offer their students the opportunity to spend a year abroad in the countries where the languages ​​they study are spoken because the teaching methods are monotonous and passivating and too much theoretical focuses on programs and not students.

Language plays an essential role for communication between people and we realize this when we find ourselves in a situation that makes us feel the difficulties of the lack of linguistic competence for an idiom; when, for example, we are faced with a tourist who asks us for information and we are unable to answer because we do not know his language, generally we help ourselves with gestures that are a universal language, but we feel limited from the fact of not being able to communicate, and the obstacle that prevents us is the different language.

Knowledge of languages ​​has a high value as an enrichment of one’s cultural background .
Young people today should be encouraged to study foreign languages, because they represent an added value in the study, in the world of work, in society.

After completing their studies, many young people leave their country to look for a good job abroad. This is mainly due to the scarcity or absence of good job opportunities.

In companies, knowledge of foreign languages ​​can offer greater opportunities for growth.
Even in society, there are many occasions in which knowledge of the language gives advantages both for leisure and business trips.

Defining the importance of knowledge of foreign languages ​​is equivalent to defining one of the elements of human nature: the need for communication.


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