The Evil Within 2 guide: where to find the red gel

The location of all cans of red gel in The Evil Within 2

Red Gel is a new type of gel found in The Evil Within 2 . This gel is required to unlock individual branches of the detective Castellanos skill tree and further study more powerful skills. In this article, we’ll show you where to look for six jars of red gel.

Chapter 3

Red gel number 1 . Finding this jar can be quite difficult, since the house inside which it lies is a kind of mini-puzzle. You will get to the house by a side quest, but using our screenshot, you can go there earlier.

First bank

Go inside and collect everything that is bad. When you try to leave the building, the door will close, and you will have to go to the kitchen and look at the working TV. Move around the house to explore it. Check out the sink, extra room, and all other nooks and crannies. When the door to the bathroom opens, enter there and examine the mirror. Follow through the memory to the very end, after which you will return to the house, where there will be a jar of red gel.

Red gel No. 2 . You may find it first, but the important thing here is that you can pick up this can at any time throughout the third chapter.

Second bank

Enter the last car of the train, located in the place marked on the map, and move to its end. There should be a corpse of a girl, a fragment of memories and a jar of red gel lying on the floor. Also, be prepared for opponents who will have to shoot.

Chapter 4

Red gel No. 3 . This jar will be hard to overlook. After you leave the “Seti” tunnels, filled with gas, you will find yourself in the shelter. Find another jar of red gel in the bathroom.

Chapter 6

Red gel No. 4 . At the end of the sixth chapter, you will find a new hideout with a new hero inside. There is another can of red gel in this room, which again will be hard to miss.

Chapter 11

Red gel No. 5 . At the beginning of this chapter, you will be in Torres’ hideout – there and look for a jar of red gel.

Red gel No. 6 . The next red gel can be found in the Seti laboratories. While moving through them, look into the morgue to find a jar of red gel on one of the shelves.

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