Teufel Cage game headset Review

The best possible gaming sound, crystal-clear conversations, optimal wearing comfort and as robust as a tank: the Teufel CAGE is not a fashion accessory, but a high-quality device for gamers with a winning mentality. The durable fabric-covered cables, the solid metal suspension for the earplugs and the high-quality spring steel in the headband make the CAGE an unprecedented robust headset for gamers.

erste class sound for gamers
For games, the sound, like movies, often underestimated. Yet the sound contributes just as much to the overall experience as the increasingly realistic graphics. Thanks to the use of high-quality, larger drivers, Teufel ensures that no sound detail is lost. Players hear immediately when danger approaches. Virtual 7.1 surround sound on the PC contributes to an optimal gaming atmosphere and also makes it possible to accurately determine the position of the opponent. And that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

An HD microphone for optimal communication
Communication is the key to successful team performance. The microphone has been completely redesigned to contribute to crystal-clear conversations. The directional characteristic of the main microphone ensures optimal voice recording. A second microphone helps filter out unwanted ambient noise and echoes. The completely redesigned connection of the microphone boom ensures perfect placement. The microphone thus remains out of the player’s field of view. The balance between the call volume and the game sound can be controlled through the dedicated PC software. And the microphone can be muted as desired with a switch on the left earcup.

Optimal fit and smart functions
The large, soft ear cups and the padded headband ensure optimal wearing comfort even during long gaming sessions. They are also suitable for spectacle wearers. PC game players can fully customize the CAGE headset to their personal preferences with the free Teufel Audio Center software. They have access to an equalizer, functions to control the microphone and call volume, and possibilities to adjust the reproduction of the virtual surround sound. A function can also be assigned to the multi-function button on the right ear cup via the Teufel Audio Center.

Price and availability
The Teufel Cage is available immediately for a price of 169.99 euros

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