Best accessories for Nintendo Switch

Do you have a Nintendo Switch or are you looking for a nice gift for someone with a Switch? We’ll get you started with the best gadgets for the best Nintendo!

15. The new Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

Don’t have a Switch yet? Then now is the time to buy one! The well-known Switch has been renewed and is therefore even more interesting. The Switch Lite has just been released and with €219 a lot cheaper. Don’t necessarily need the detachable controllers? Then the Lite is an excellent opportunity to get started at a competitive price.

The Nintendo Switch costs €319, the Switch Lite costs €219.

14. Sayonara Wild Hearts

One of the best games for the Switch, especially for older gamers. Really something different and therefore a must-have for the serious casual gamer. €11.99 on Nintendo eShop .

13. Untitled Goose Game

Have you always wanted to play a goose? Chances are the answer is no. Still, Untitled Goose Game is a gem. You play a goose who hates people. Your biggest goal in goose life? Harass the people in the local village! Not too expensive and hilarious, so ideal for anyone who wants to riot. €19.99 on Nintendo eShop .

12. Civilization VI

Civilization is of course no stranger to strategy fans among us. Part 6 is another topper in the series and also excellently playable on the Switch. Evolve, trade and fight your way into the future. €41.99 at .

11. Nintendo Switch Case

The Nintendo Switch is made to go with you. Yet you don’t want him there in no time

looks tired and used. That’s what the Nintendo Switch Case is for. With a price of € 23.99, it is not expensive and you can keep your Switch nice with it. Also comes with a screen protector for the ultimate protection.

10. Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A real Mario game can of course not be missing in your game collection. However, Super Smash Bros is not your standard job where you crawl into pipes and jump on turtles. No, things get a little rougher here. In this game you fight with your favorite Nintendo character against your friends. Always wanted to know who is stronger, Zelda or Bowser? You can discover it now! For sale for € 59.99 at .

9. Nintendo Pro Controller

Do you not only use the Switch on the road, but also at home? Then you can easily switch to playback on your television. You benefit from the same action, but on a large screen. Very cool if you want to play multiplayer with multiple players! If you’re going for the best experience, the Nintendo Pro Controller is a must have. €69 at

8. The Legend of Zelda

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is arguably the best game on the Nintendo Switch. You can spend hours and hours wandering around Hyrule, completing quests and defeating monsters.

The new Zelda: Links Awakening has become just such a fun game. If you haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet, I would definitely start with that. Did you turn it all gray? Then Links Awakening is a mandatory item on your wish list.

7. Ring Fit Adventure

Are you letting go of your New Year’s resolutions this year? Make yourself comfortable and fun with Ring Fit Adventure. The game comes with a ring, in which you attach one of the Switch’s controllers. Did you do that? Then the sweat is blown! The game with ring costs €79.99 at

6. Fifa 20

Playing football on the go goes surprisingly well with Fifa ’20. Tackle, pass and score on the plane, on vacation and anywhere you have 5 minutes to spare. Available for €43.99 at .

5. Super Mario Party

A party game is almost synonymous with Nintendo. The Japanese manufacturer is an expert in the field of interaction with players and between players. Super Mario Party is a wonderful casual game that everyone can easily participate in and where everyone can win. Not for the hardcore gamers, but a must to have in your collection for the better parties. On sale for €56.99 or €109 with two additional Joycon controllers .

4.The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best games of the moment. Available on the Playstation, but also on the smaller screen of the Nintendo, a game that you must have played. For sale for €55.99 at .

3. Rayman Legends

One of the best platform games is Rayman Legends. Now for the Switch, so buy it! Plays wonderfully smoothly, with an addictive soundtrack and full of character. For sale for €24.95 at .

2. Luigi’s Mansion 3

One of the best games for the Nintendo Switch isn’t about Mario, but his cousin Luigi. And specifically his gigantic castle. This game is a real must-buy for every Switch owner. For sale for €55 at .

1. Ori and the Blind Forest

Cool game that is almost more of an experience than a game. The video below shows exactly what we mean. Not too crazy priced at €19.99 in Nintendo eShop.

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