Temple of the Elders – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

Before continuing with the main story towards the temple we must remember that it is the last moment we will have to go to the Aeris level 4 limit . Once this was done, we got on the Potrillo plane from Gold Saucer to reach the Temple of the Elders, located southeast of the map (on the island south of the Condor tower). When we arrive we enter the temple to speak with Tseng and to give us the Cornerstone. Having it, we placed it on the altar to properly reach the temple.

Temple of the Elders

It is a real maze in which interesting objects and various enemies are also waiting for us. To guide us we can use the “purple magician” as a target point, which we will discover is an old man in his corporeal incarnation as soon as we talk to him. There we can buy items, rest and save the game.

From that point we go down the vine and cross the stone arch to continue and follow the next old man. We collect objects and matter along the way and enter a kind of cave. There we will have to be strategic and move forward as the hollows of the rolling stones fit into Cloud as long as they do not crush us. They go in order, so we only have to take a few steps forward every time we see that there is a possibility of progress. When we reach the middle we collect the matter “Morfo ” and continue a little more until the stone wheels stop appearing. After seeing the scene we can rest and save the game.

After that we continue towards the time room, where we must move the hands of the central stone clock to advance. The correct exit is VI , but in other rooms there are objects of interest. Specifically: in IV there is a weapon for Aeris ( Princess Guard ), in V there is an accessory ( Ribbon ), in VII there is a weapon for Cait Sith ( Frame ) and in VIII a Megaelixir . If one of the hands makes us fall we can pick up “ Claw ”, a weapon for Cloud, in a chest below but we will have to cross the maze again to where we were.

Be that as it may, once we cross gate VI on the stone clock we will come to another small maze of gates where we must intercept a slippery old man. To do this, we recommend learning the pattern or testing randomly until we catch it and manage to open the upper door. When we cross we will see a scene and after that we have to face a boss.

Boss: Red Dragon

This great dragon is immune to fire magic and gravity. Instead, it is weak to poison (Bio), Lightning and Ice, so we can attack it with them and it is recommended that we first protect our team with a Barrier. Limits and summons are of course welcome in such a battle as well. It’s not too complicated if we follow these tips and make sure that our characters don’t get weak.

After the battle was complete we collected the Bahamut invocation and examined the black matter on the altar on the right. We will not be able to pick it up, but we can see a scene and talk to Cait Sith, who is waiting for us at the exit. To get there we have to go back and go through the only path available in the time clock room. There we will meet another boss.

Boss: Door Demon

To defeat this boss, we have to use summons and limits, as well as attack magic that is not poison or gravity, to which he is immune. We can also slow down their attacks with the Slow magic to have a greater reaction margin, since one of their attacks will take about 1000 of our life, so we will have to be prepared to heal or revive.

Once we complete it we will see a last scene before completing the chapter, being able to collect the black matter and head to the Forgotten City .


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