Get the Cornerstone – Final Fantasy VII, complete guide

We give you a complete tour of Final Fantasy VII as long as you don’t miss any important details of its history and all its secrets.

After completing Wutai we will have to return to Gold Saucer to continue our story . Even so, to get there we will have to return to North Corel, since if we try to enter our destination directly we will end up lost in an endless desert. Once there (remember to follow the map to better understand how to get there) we recommend you get the permanent pass of 30,000 gil to be able to enter the playground when we want.

Get the Cornerstone

Once inside we go to Battle Square and specifically to the Dio’s Showroom , where we will see the Cornerstone . To get it we will have to participate with Cloud in the battles until we endure (it will not matter to us) and if we manage to overcome all the rounds we will get ” Protector ” and chocobo pen. Once we have it, we go to the cable car to try to get out of the place, but it will not be possible and therefore we must spend the night in the ghost hotel (free of charge).

There, after talking to our colleagues, we will see a scene in which we will have an appointment with Aeris, Tifa or another character if we have not fulfilled the requirements to have her with them (having taken them on the team, affirmatively answered the conversations in which she asked us if we wanted to be with them and so on). It will be all linear, we will only have to observe the scenes, until we meet Cait Sith. We chase him through the tunnels to the front of the Chocobos races and there we will discover that he is a traitor and that he has tricked us into handing over the Cornerstone to the enemies.

After that we will automatically return to our room and we will be able to pick up an Elixir from the closet at the far right of the room. Next, we must go out to the lobby to find our companions and decide who comes with Cloud and Aeris to the Temple of the Elders .


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