Tell me which tree you choose and I’ll tell you what job you are prepared for

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Tree # 1

You aspire to be the best in everything. To achieve your goal you are willing to invest a lot of time, often you work not for financial gain, but to make a career. You are a selfless person and you enjoy sharing your ideas with friends and colleagues.

Tree # 2

Economic interests come first in your life. For an excellent salary, you are able to travel and work in uncomfortable places. Your colleagues think you are a bit strict, but those who work with you understand that you have clear goals.

Tree # 3

One of your gifts is that of knowing how to communicate with all colleagues. You like to work in a team and in the company where you easily become the leader of the group. You are the desk mate everyone wants.

Tree # 4

You are a creative person, a veritable well of ideas, which is why your colleagues appreciate you whatever you do. But you are also a perfectionist, you aspire to the best and you look around for new things.

Tree # 5

Your main gift is that you are a person who knows how to stay calm, taking the stress out of your mind. Even in the most difficult situation you are able to deal with any problem without panicking.

Tree # 6

Your colleagues see you as a responsible person, it’s great to work with you as a team because you believe in unity. You worry about your colleagues and are always ready to reach out. Everyone knows they can trust you.

Tree # 7

You have an incredible charisma, which together with your infinite enthusiasm helps you to carry out your projects. Your colleagues consider you a very confident person and therefore they value you a lot.

Tree # 8

You are an intellectual person. There is no task you can’t do, your colleagues know that you are always available for advice. But beware: one thing is clear you are not suited for physical work.

Tree # 9

You are curious enough and are not afraid to take on a new job. Thanks to this quality you can do any job, even when it is not in your strings. Precisely because you are versatile, you can work with colleagues and in groups.


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