Telesales is a service activity in which you use to sell your services and products to your customers directly over the phone. In these telesales, the entire sales procedure is entirely carried out by telephone, including the payment transaction. As it is a low cost method, this concept broke out very quickly, even because it offers many competitive advantages.

To have an efficient telephone service, a good strategy would be to apply qualified training to your team, in addition to very well defined goals and objectives. The quality of this approach is what will define the success of the endeavor and it is your role to see that everything goes according to plan.

But it is important to be very careful, as there is no point in having a well-trained team, but having outdated technology. However, it is extremely important to ensure agility and quality in your contacts so that you can leverage your organization’s sales.

The first step is the implementation in your company of a PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange, or Automatic Exchange of Private Extensions). This system is nothing more than a telephone exchange, which is able to interconnect all the devices of your company, through extensions, distributed among the employees of your company.

You can also choose VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols). He uses the WEB to set up his telephone exchange, making his extensions accessible by all devices that have access to the network.

The interesting thing is that both tools are used, so that you can have a more effective contact with your customers. But not only the tools, but the creation of a goal within the SMART method is important for your team to be able to close great sales and make great contacts with customers.

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