Technological surplus

The technological surplus is a situation that occurs when a country generates enough of its own technology or adapts imported technology to incorporate it into the products and services it exports .

This situation is called a surplus because more technology is exported than imported, generating a “positive balance” of technology. The technological surplus can be measured as the difference between collections and payments for high-tech products or as the difference between collections and royalty payments.

The opposite case is the technological deficit .

Interpretation of technological surplus

A high technological surplus indicates independence from foreign technology. This situation can occur for several reasons:

  • The country has good Research and Development (R&D) systems.
  • The country exports high-tech products.

In addition to these three causes, the technological surplus may simply come from economic differences between countries. A country with a good economic situation will tend to increase its imports, including high-tech ones, therefore reducing its technological surplus, or increasing its technological deficit. In turn, if the country is in a bad situation, it will reduce its imports, including high-tech ones, thereby increasing its technological surplus.

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