Taxable event

The taxable event is a situation that originates the birth of a tax obligation. There are budgets set by law for each tax and each of them is born with a taxable event that originates according to its own law.

This taxable situation or fact obliges an individual or a company (known as a taxpayer) to present and pay a certain tax (either a tax or a fee).

Many taxable events are assimilated. That is, the same taxable event can originate two taxes. However, tax laws usually establish that two taxes cannot be taxed or taxed for the same taxable event.

For example, an individual who is a natural person, who generally taxes their income by personal income tax, obtains a donation that will be taxed by the Law on Donations, and not by personal income tax. On the other hand, if it is a company that obtains a donation, this income will be taxed by the Corporation Tax.

There are situations in which despite the fact that the taxable event occurs, the individual is not subject to file or pay the tax, or cases in which he is exempt (that is, he does not have to pay, but does file the tax). This is determined by each law independently. This is done to help those sectors or in cases of international trade.

The taxable event is the basic object of any tax law, so it is always in the first articles of each law, and can not be in any regulation or regulation accessory to that law.

Taxable facts of each tax

Next we will point out the Taxable Facts of some of the main Taxes:

  • In the  Value Added Tax (VAT)the taxable event originates with the delivery of goods and services.
  • Other taxes, such as corporate income taxor the Income Tax of Individuals (income tax), determines that the obligation of the taxpayer born when he gets an income (ie income).
  • The Tax on Inheritance and Donationshas its taxable event in the acquisition by inheritance, legacy or donation, or similar events, of property or rights.
  • In the Real Estate Tax (IBI),the tax obligation for the ownership of real estate, whether housing or commercial premises, is born.
  • On the other hand, the feesthat have to be paid to a certain municipality have their taxable event in the use of a public service or the use of a public space.
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