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Tapping male. Cutting tool with which threads are made inside the holes, generally in a metal or plastic part. Manual threading can be done using either a tap or a tap. The male is a cutting tool with which threads are made inside the holes, generally in a metal or plastic part.


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Both tools must have a specific diameter and a thread pitch established by some thread system. The process of threading by hand is done by applying three taps in succession. The first male has a long conical inlet and is toothless. It is used to start and guide the thread. The next one is used to rough the thread and the last one finishes and calibrates the thread. It can also be used as a machine plug.

Manual Threading

Manual threading is used in industrial and mechanical maintenance for threading, in electrical installations and assemblies, etc. Industrial or serial threading is instead carried out with machine taps.


There are four main types:

  • Threaded with straight channel,
  • Threading with a right-hand helical channel and
  • Threaded with a helical channel on the left and a cut on the right. The latter is used to thread holes with an interrupted cut (for example: longitudinal keyways, cross holes). The chip goes in the direction of the advance of the male avoiding being trapped between the walls of the hole and the teeth of the male. Finally, the straight plug with corrected entry is used in through holes. The chip is driven forward.

Male types

  • Machine Male HSSE 5% Cobalt Cone 3
  • Male for HSSE Pipe 5% Cobalt Cone 3
  • Male Helical HSSE 5% Cobalt Cone 3
  • Machine male HSSE 5% Cobalt Straight ChannelDin 376/4 Cone 3
  • Male for HSSE machine 5% Cobalt Straight Channel Cone 3
  • Male for Nut MRCT HSSO 5% Cobalt
  • Male Nitrided Rolling Mills
  • Male Spiral Tip HSSE 5% Cobalt Cone 3
  • Male Left Thread HSSE 5% Cobalt Cone 3
  • Male Specials MRCT UN8
  • Male NPT CS ASA – B – 2 1960 Carbon Steel
  • 2 Pcs Male Set. C / 2 and C / 3 HSSE 5% Cobalt
  • 2 Pcs Male Set. C / 2 and C / 3 HSSE 5% Cobalt
  • 2 Pcs Male Set. C / 2 and C / 3 HSSE 5% Cobalt

Manufacture of threads by taps and dies

It is the simplest and cheapest method, it is used for triangular threads. The carving is achieved by means of a high quality steel tool, which if it is to make an external or male thread (like that of a screw) is called a tap and when it is required to make an internal or female thread (like that of a nut) tools called taps are used. In the case of internal threads made with taps, it is very important to drill the hole prior to the thread with the appropriate diameter, to define it according to the thread to be manufactured.



  • They must be well sharpened
  • The tap must be rotated round, avoiding pitching
  • When you are going to make a large thread, you should start with a smaller tap and in other passes with larger taps, you should approach the appropriate size.
  • There must be abundant lubrication.
  • The penetration of a turn and the backward movement of the tap must be done so that the chip comes out and the thread is not covered.


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