Tantra Tantra is first and foremost a path of meditation and self-realization, intellectual understanding is its starting point and the basis for continuous decision making. It means “that which frees from darkness.” His spiritual practices centered around meditation strive to shed the fog of self-centeredness and narrow-mindedness that envelops and nullifies the infinite potentialities of the human mind.


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The irresistible characteristics of Tantra are its deeply positive outlook on the universe and its comprehensive acceptance of the phenomenal world, as an expression of infinite and essential Consciousness. By having the perspective that all existence arises from the same infinite Consciousness, the principle of Tantra is that each individual, by penetrating the core of his own consciousness, can experience the unity of all things and transcend sensory perception with its divisive perspective. of the relative world. The ultimate goal of Tantra consists in union with absolute Consciousness; a state beyond the inhibiting ego and its fragmentation of reality.

The liberation of consciousness

Today we live in a world of astonishing change, a world that is taking great strides forward in understanding and knowledge of the mundane. Post-industrial society has been given the name The Age of Information Technology . Scientific advancement, especially computing and the new means of communication, make an enormous amount of information available to us.

But as minds are stunned by the new golden age of science, and companies rush in the fierce race to dominate rapidly expanding markets, global society languishes for lack of spiritual understanding of human nature. In the midst of hectic activity, inner harmony and understanding are destroyed under the weight of an overloaded nervous system.

As global society becomes more and more an urban society, stresses and strains grow exponentially. People are under attack on all levels: emotionally, physically, and socially. Urban life, the focal point of post-industrial society, presents complex new dilemmas. A whole series of psychological and environmental pressures have been forged, resulting in a greater disintegration of the personality than perhaps ever seen before in human history.

The experience of this stress on a massive level has underscored the need for a means to achieve internal cohesion. In psychology , researchers and practitioners have begun to test the efficacy of mind-expanding techniques of meditation to reintegrate the personality. However, tantric meditation and its complementary practices are much more than a process to solve the causes of stress; they are intended to elevate the individual to a state of liberated consciousness.


Tantra is a science in which the practices provided are designed to help us go deeper within ourselves, thus unlocking our spiritual potential. As we incorporate these practices into our personal lives, we try to reach a state of spiritual consciousness, blissful and essential for our true existence, this effort is known as “Sa’dhana”, the effort to achieve integrity.

The spiritual practice of Tantra, and more specifically meditation, supported by Yoga postures and other methods to reinforce and refine the energies of the body and mind, constitutes a subjective approach to progress and brings the most powerful and penetrating changes to life. personal level. Through this subjective focus, the mind is directed towards its source and brought to a point of total identity with the innermost self. This is a process of permanent expansion and liberation, which brings about changes at the deepest levels. By not specifically focusing on Personality limitations, deficiencies or imbalances, these fade, and Self-knowledge and universal love grow.


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