How to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Are you looking for a guide that explains in detail how to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch ? Very well, you found it! In this study we will show you all the steps to use the voice chat of the Epic Games videogame if you are playing with your Japanese console. Communicating vocally on Fortnite can be decisive for the overall gaming experience, improving it significantly. So let’s find out how to activate voice chat using the Nintendo Switch .

How to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Recently your friends playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch sent you an invitation to live the Battle Royale experience together, however you have been defeated several times and want to understand how to activate voice chat to communicate better with them? Fantastic, you are in the right place at the right time! In fact, the famous Epic Games game features an integrated voice chat, which can be activated via the settings menu.

So if you are wondering how to talk on the Fortnite Nintendo Switch , take a few minutes of free time and read the following paragraphs carefully. We are sure that once you have finished reading, you will have a clearer picture of what you need to do. Are you ready? Perfect, let’s go!

Requirements to be able to carry out the procedure

Before going into detail and giving you all the instructions of the procedure, it is necessary that I make you aware of some preliminary information. First of all, to be able to play Fortnite on Switch you must have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online : it is a service with prices starting from 3.99 euros per month and that allows you to play online with all compatible video games.

Another fundamental requirement is obviously the Epic Games account, without which you cannot play. The profile is also essential in order to access the Nintendo eShop , through which you can download the game for free. In order to do this, you must connect the console to the Internet by going to the System Settings> Internet Settings menu. Make sure you have enough memory to install Fortnite (if there isn’t enough space, consider buying a micro SD card).

Having said that, we can now go to see how to speak on Fortnite Nintendo Switch , not before having reminded you that it is also necessary to connect a headset with microphone to the audio jack on the top of the console (the Switch does not in fact incorporate any microphone).

Procedure for talking on Fortnite Nintendo Switch

Without this quick digression on the requirements to be able to play Fortnite on Nintendo Siwtch , let’s move on to the focus of the article. How to activate voice chat if you are using the Japanese console? First turn on the Switch, then press the same button three times in a row and thus access the main menu. Now start Fortnite: to do it just press the icon located in the main menu.

Once this is done, you need to adjust the voice chat settings and activate it. Follow what I’m going to tell you step by step. Go to the Play menu, then press the (+) button on the console and open the Menu. You will see that a box will open: here select the Settings item and confirm your choice by pressing the A button. At this point, you must reach the Audio menu with the speaker icon and make sure that the wording of the voice “Voice chat” is set to Yes.

We are almost at the end: where you see the wording Voice chat method , select either the Open microphone option or Press and speak (in the latter case go to the Controller menu to configure the key to be used to speak). A screen will open where you will have to select the Custom configuration and from the Edit commands menu assign a key to the command called PTT (it will be shown in the Actions panel).

Last thing, now all you have to do is start the game via the Play menu. Excellent, the procedure is over: it wasn’t difficult, was it? At this time you should already be able to use voice chat. A whole other story!

How to talk on Fortnite Nintendo Switch: conclusions

We have come to the end of our guide: you should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to speak on the Fortnite Nintendo Switch . In this way you will be able to interact in a much more expeditious way with your adventure companions within the game of Epic Games. All you need is a pair of headphones with a microphone connected to the Switch. We just have to wish you lots of fun and meet you next time. See you soon!


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