Minecraft update: all the news of the update 1.13.0

A new Minecraft update has been released : this is version 1.13.0 , which brings with it several relevant innovations. These include the character and fox editor for Bedrock mode available on PC, Xbox One, Switch and mobile platforms. Let’s find out all the details.

Minecraft update: here are all the news

Among the novelties released by Mojang and Microsoft for the Minecraft update we include first of all a character creation system , a very complete editor: it allows you to change the appearance of the avatars in a very marked way. This new feature allows you to model the shape of the body, eyes, mouth, mustache and beard for example.

Also introduced the foxes , which go to replenish the fauna of the game world: they are available inside Minecraft and can be found in the Taiga. Greedy for chickens, foxes move especially at night.

Special mention also for the abandoned villages, which will terminate within the world of Minecraft and for the presence of new materials, such as brown mushrooms, Suspicious Stew, Wither Rose and more.

Among other novelties there are also abandoned villages that can be found in the game world and new materials such as brown mushrooms, Suspicious Stew, Wither Rose and more.


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