Taking a trade license at the beginning of your business

Trade license in English or the word “trade license” in Bangla literally means that we are allowed to do business. It is easy to say that the trade license is a written permission from the officials who have the proper responsibility for the business you do. Anything you do not want to legally manage is a trade license.

This trade license is given by the Upazila Parishad including all the Union Parishad, City Corporation and Metropolitan area of ​​Bangladesh. The importance of a trade license to a trader is immense. If you do not have a national identity or birth certificate, you cannot identify as a Bangladeshi, as is a businessman who carries his trade license.

Many small entrepreneurs do not want to stress the importance of trade licenses. Which is a pretty big mistake, but the application should be applied for a trade license from the day the business started.

The businessman needs money at any time and may not have that amount. Then he became a banker or a financial institution. To obtain a business loan from a bank or financial institution in this area, you must have a trade license. Not only that, some banks do not offer loans when the age of the license is less than two years. Therefore, a trade license is mandatory for obtaining a loan.

So when you need a bank loan, make it without a license. Then the paper will increase the age or experience of your business. Read More – How to Start a Profitable Business With Little Few

Identify the trade license for any trader or entrepreneur. A trade license is a collection of information about how many years you’ve been in business. Suppose you have been doing business for the last ten years, but you do not know the new leverage of your business. If you say you have a lot of business experience then it is proof that you have a license.

Especially when you are looking for a new business lease, his experience certificate is his trade license or “trade license” in Bengal. So from the day you start a business, make a license for your organization.

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