Hearing health in children is a subject that deserves special attention, and not only to prevent the dreaded otitis. There are other factors that can put hearing health at risk in children, such as exposure to loud noises.

In fact, hearing loss in children caused by noise, unfortunately, is increasing . The reason is none other than the use of technology since childhood, and we refer to some devices such as headphones when used without precautions.

On the eve of Christmas gifts, precisely the gifts related to technology are among the most requested by children. To this we must add some noisy toys , when there is lack of control, they can cause hearing problems in children.

The noisy environments are also a risk factor in this regard. Concerts, sporting events or other events where the noise level is important, can put children’s hearing health at risk. And considering that hearing loss can negatively influence the child’s development , both at school and social level, it is worth taking precautions.

Hearing tests in children: get out of doubt

Since it is virtually inevitable to deprive a child of intelligent devices, so coveted by them, we can teach them how to use them safely. For example, in the case of headphones, it is important that they learn not to exceed the recommended volume level . Taking breaks in that direction is also necessary, so as not to saturate the ears for hours.

It is preferable to opt for quality headphones
 , so that there are no sound leaks that force the child to increase the volume. They can also be taught to respect the volume indications of many electronic devices, which warn with a red signal when the recommended limits are exceeded.

The cleaning right ear is also another important factor to avoid problems and infections. Do not use sticks or any elongated object inside the ear. Likewise, we must ensure that water does not enter the auditory pavilion , and if it is retained at the entrance of the ear, it must be dried. The ears can be washed on the outside, from the inside out , and carefully.

When a child should wear a hearing aid

When there are suspicions that the child may have a hearing problem, it is best to go to a hearing center in Barcelona, ​​such as Audiotek , to perform a free audiometry .

This test, performed by specialized hearing care professionals , is completely painless, simple and does not involve any risk for the child. Detecting a hearing loss in time is essential to prevent it from going further and thus take the necessary measures to correct the problem .

In those cases in which hearing loss is important, hearing aids for children can be provided, a tailored solution designed especially for them, which allows them to lead a completely normal life.

The most important thing for the school-age child is to be able to listen, interact and learn , and today’s children’s hearing aids are an auditory solution that meets the needs of the little ones.

The headphones for children today, besides being very easy to use, are fun, aesthetic , and have a technology that allows them to adapt perfectly to the environment of a modern classroom, Conversations, debates, multimedia activities, teamwork … nothing It is an obstacle for a child who has to wear a hearing aid.


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