Symptoms of lung cancer in women

Did you know that women are more susceptible to lung cancer than men? Yes, it is a fact. Although the exact factors on the highest incidence are not clear, statistics and research show that women are more likely to be affected by lung cancer than men. Even non-smoking women can suffer from lung cancer, since there are many other reasons behind it. Unfortunately, lung cancer is diagnosed only in its advanced stage. This is because the initial signs are often misunderstood as a cough and the common cold, which are treated with home remedies. Here we bring you the information about the symptoms of lung cancer that will help you make a diagnosis for yourself.

Signs of lung cancer in women

The symptoms of lung cancer are usually ignored in their early stages, as they resemble a common throat infection, which can lead to an error. By the time it is diagnosed, it may have reached its advanced stage when the chances of survival diminish. It is important to know that the initial stage has no significant symptoms and, therefore, almost 25% of people are diagnosed with lung cancer when they do a routine X-ray test. Now, you understand how important it is to go to a general medical checkup at least once a year. Any changes in the body should be reported to the health care provider for the correct diagnosis and timely medical intervention. Given this,

os Chronic
Cough is one of the first signs of lung cancer in women. It can be persistent by its nature and occurs during any time of day or night. The cough may get worse as the cancer progresses. It can be dry or with phlegm. Sometimes, phlegm may be dyed pink, due to the presence of blood in the sputum. In the last stages of cancer the cough can become chronic and it is vital to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Shortness of breath
The problem of breathing is also another common sign of lung cancer. Shortness of breath is experienced due to airway obstruction or the accumulation of fluid in the lungs. It can also be an indication of a tumor in the lungs. Wheezing can be observed due to blocked airways. Because of this, breathing is accompanied by a whistling sound.

Respiratory infections
A woman, in the early stages of lung cancer, becomes susceptible to respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis. As the immunity of the lungs is hampered by cancer cells, the organ loses its ability to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Chest pain
Due to the spread of cancer cells, the lungs become inflamed. An enlarged tumor in the lungs can cause pain, discomfort and a feeling of heaviness in the chest. Excessive cough and difficulty breathing can also lead to chest pain. It can also result in chronic pain if it is not treated on time. Consult a doctor immediately in case of chest pain. Sometimes the pain can radiate to the shoulders and arm. Although it is not experienced in all patients, it can be considered as a symptom of lung cancer.

Weight loss and weakness
A person suffering from lung cancer may experience a loss of appetite, which can lead to abnormal and excessive weight loss. The patient may also feel weak and tired. Weakness can also trigger strong pain in the bones and muscles.

ambios in the voice
The patient may notice a change in his voice. The voice may be hoarse due to cancer cells that damage the nerves of the larynx. As the cancerous lung tumor grows, it puts pressure on the airways and vocal cords, which affects the voice, so it becomes hoarse.

Other symptoms
Other symptoms may include hormonal imbalance, neurological instability, memory loss, vision loss, problems swallowing food, facial and neck swelling, mood swings, depression, etc. Other symptoms are also seen in women suffering from lung cancer.

In case you observe any of these symptoms of lung cancer, seek immediate medical attention. Treatment will depend on the stage and type of cancer, but with early diagnosis and proper treatment it is not impossible to treat lung cancer. Be careful!


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