Breast cancer also affects men. How to detect its symptoms?

Every year in the Czech Republic, more than 7,000 women receive a diagnosis of breast cancer from a doctor, of whom up to 1,600 succumb to the disease 1 . It is the most common cancer in women. However, breast cancer can also occur in men in some cases. The symptoms are similar – patients usually feel a hard lump in the breast or armpit. However, men often delay the necessary examination due to shame or ignorance.

Content: Breast cancer also affects men. How to detect its symptoms?

Men are also at risk of breast cancer


A simple examination will reveal the problem


Breast cancer is very rare in men, representing approximately 0.2% of all diagnosed tumors 2 . Even so, it is a serious disease that should not be underestimated. The group at risk is mainly men aged 60-70. One of the main symptoms is a hard, painless and irregular lump that can appear on the breast or even in the armpit. Breast cancer can also be noticed by a retracted nipple or bloody discharge. For women, the numbers are much higher than for men – up to 7,000 women fall ill each year. 1

Men are also at risk of breast cancer

Breast cancer is caused by the growth of cancer cells in the breast tissue, the causes of which are still unclear. “Risk factors for the development of breast cancer in men include cirrhosis of the liver, high levels of estrogen in the blood, radiation therapy for cancer in the chest area and, of course, family history. Breast cancer in men is not nearly as common as in women, which is why there is a need to spread awareness of the possible risk,” explains MUDr. Lucie Hallamová , doctor of the mammological screening center EUC Clinic Olomouc. Other risk factors include excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, poor environment and style, or genetic influence. The disease can be manifested by a change in the size, shape and appearance of the breast, peeling of the skin or hardening of part of the breast.

Mammographic screening is among the most reliable methods of detecting cancer. The examination is completely painless and takes only a few minutes.

The risk of breast cancer is higher if the disease appears repeatedly in the family history. It is also appropriate to consider a genetic examination. For men, it can be motivating to determine the possible risk to their children, especially daughters. Cancer is caused by genetic mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes (Breast Cancer). In men, there is also a higher risk of prostate cancer at an earlier age or pancreatic cancer. [1]

A simple examination will reveal the problem

While women from the age of 45 have regular mammography examinations covered by the health insurance company, men do not have such an option . “If men feel a painless lump, it may not immediately mean breast cancer. However, it is important to exclude this option. The correct diagnosis will be determined by a mammogram, possibly also an ultrasound examination. As with any disease, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. We encounter the fact that men arrive for examination only at a later stage of the disease, because they do not admit that something like this concerns them. However, shame can also be the reason,” concludes MUDr. Lucie Hallam .

Mammographic screening is among the most reliable methods of detecting cancer. The examination is completely painless and takes only a few minutes. If the tumor is confirmed, it is surgically removed, in some cases radiotherapy or chemotherapy is recommended. It always depends on the condition of the patient and the recommendation of the attending physician.

The EUC clinic is one of the leading providers of mammography care and operates a total of 13 accredited mammography centers throughout the country. Patients can come for an examination at any of the EUC mammocenters even with a request for another workplace.


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