Sybase ASE

Sybase ASE. It is short for “Adaptive Server Enterprise”, the relational database software manufactured and sold by Sybase Inc. ASE is versatile, enterprise-class RDBMS software that is especially good at handling OLTPASE workloads, it is used as intensively in the financial world (banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies), in electronic commerce, as well as in the area of ​​practically everyone else.

The most recent version of ASE is 15.7 (published in September 2011); the previous version is version 15.5. ASE 15.7 is also known as “the launch of SAP” as this is the version of ASE that SAP is using to support the ERP Business Suite package on top of Sybase ASE.

Sybase ASE is a proprietary product, commercial software. However, free versions of ASE are also available.


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For more than 20 years, Sybase has been a leader in the development and expansion of innovative database technologies for emerging markets. Since its founding in a Berkeley, California (USA) garage in 1984, it has earned the trust of many of the world’s leading companies for its ability to manage information and provide unprecedented levels of reliability and security.

With a loyal and global customer base and significant presence in key vertical markets, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and government, Sybase is enabling customers of all sizes to make the “Offline Company” a reality where information flows freely and freely. secure within the organization, whether employees conduct business in or out of the office.

Today, Sybase is the largest global software company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information from the data center to the point of action. Its open and portable solutions deliver information securely, anytime, anywhere, allowing customers to create an information advantage. With Sybase software solutions, customers can optimize and enhance their current investments, chain together their valuable data resources, and extend the reach of mission-critical information to users on all fronts, giving them financial agility and a productive advantage to throughout all its business areas.

Technical characteristics

  • It has a completely new and smarter query optimizer.
  • Table semantic partitioning techniques that increase data access speed.
  • Encrypted columns for greater data security.
  • Computed “virtual” columns and materialized, and functional indexes, which provide higher performance.
  • Improvements to the Transact SQL language, for greater productivity.
  • Improvements to Java and XML services in the database.
  • Improvements to the services for consumption and publication of Webservices .
  • Improved tools for management and monitoring.

General characteristics

  • Sybase VSA architecture.
  • Logical resource and task manager.
  • Multiple data blocking schemes.
  • High-performance, online backups.
  • Seamless integration with remote data sources.
  • Task Scheduler.
  • Secure connections with SSL
  • LDAP support for user authentication and client / server connectivity.
  • Support for multiple development tools and programming languages, such as PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, etc.
  • Support for multiple connectivity protocols, such as Open Client (own Sybase), ODBC, OLE DB, ADO.NET and JDBC.


ASE is a high-performance, highly scalable, low-cost data management system that supports large volumes of data, transactions, and users, and allows you to:

  • Store data securely.
  • Access and process data intelligently.
  • Mobilize data.

Sybase ASE with administration capabilities and a database query tool. Visual management-related features give users the ability to browse and modify database structures, as well as schema objects and database storage, while maintaining database security. data. The built-in query tool allows you to quickly create, edit, and execute SQL queries and scripts .


  • The complexity of the queries increases and the required intonations decrease.
  • It has an optimized lock management system, which reduces the need for intermediate components to improve performance.
  • A logical group of tables can be defined as a consistent block, this way the backups guarantee to be internally consistent.
  • Encryption and anti-invasion technology provides the highest level of security currently available on the market.
  • Optimize application integration thanks to its innovative design based on transaction processing solutions, specifically for large and complex transactions. Provides support for mixed workloads, allows working with both OLTPand DSS systems simultaneously and concurrently.

Performance and efficiency

  • The IMD option enables virtualization and data growth essential to meet the needs of large volumes of data and organizations with high user concurrency.
  • Not only does it provide a powerful database platform for SAP customers, it also enables existing Sybase ASE customers to easily adopt new features and optimizations without the need for a database upgrade.
  • Businesses require a database system that allows them to easily scale the number of users and data without altering the budget, while ensuring reliability. Therefore, it offers a critical business performance using compression algorithms in the database to automatically expand and contract data. This allows users to use less disk space to store the same amount of data and retrieve that information from disks as much as four times faster.
  • Further reduce operating costs by simplifying administration and improving security systems, offering a database administrator that remains easy to operate while being protected from intrusions.
  • Online operations and extended diagnostic features increase data availability, optimize data for application performance, and quickly detect bottlenecks to accelerate performance.
  • Strong password encryption and unique session profiles protect the database from attempted unauthorized external access and make it easier to manage a large number of users.


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