Supramolecular chemistry

Supramolecular chemistry . The molecular chemistry is the most faithful expression of the covalent bond . Supramolecular Chemistry, next to it, is chemistry beyond molecules , whose challenge is to have control of intermolecular non-covalent bonds.


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  • 2 Beginnings of its use
  • 3 Supramolecular interactions
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Supramolecular chemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies supramolecular interactions, that is, between molecules. Supramolecular chemistry studies molecular recognition and the formation of supramolecular aggregates.

Beginnings of its use

This line of chemistry began to be developed in approximately 1996 and to this day has shown very interesting and productive results.

There are a number of scientists of great importance in the initial development of supramolecular chemistry, including:

  • Jean-Marie Lehn
  • Jean-Paul Savage

Supramolecular interactions

Supramolecular interactions are not covalent, but usually:

  • ionic
  • dipole
  • by van der Waals
  • hydrogen bridge


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