Stye treatment

tyes: who has not had one in their life? Any pluperfect in the room? All about its causes and treatment in this video that I have prepared together with Juanolo, today become Juanollum, in search of his unique ring …

A stye is an ugly lump that appears on the eyelid through the grace and grace of an unfriendly bacterium called  Staphylococcus aureus. To this staphylococcus we owe other great decorative details such as acne, and therefore the appearance of the stye can resemble the characteristic pus-filled granites that torture adolescents (and not so teenagers).

The pig of  Staphylococcus aureus (note that it even has a very bad name) likes to mess with the fat of the sebaceous glands. Depending on the gland you choose to mount your party there are two types of styes:

– External stye . The graceful glands are located on the edge of the eyelids. These are the Zeiss glands (which are pilosebaceous and accompany the eyelashes) or Moll’s   (which are sweaty and are located next to the eyelashes). It is the typical stye in which the lump is observed in the place where the eyelashes grow.

– Internal stye . In this case, the winners are the Meibomian sebaceous glands . They are found inside the tarsus (tarsus, in addition to the pseudonym of the apostle, is the fibrous layer that makes the eyelid firm and can function as a “curtain”).


What are the symptoms of a stye?

First, we became the best version of Anthony Hopkins in The Hunchback of Notre Dame for a few days. The eyelid becomes inflamed giving us a sexy, sexy, sexy touch.


Other symptoms are redness, warmth, swelling (elegant way of saying it swells), hypersensitivity in the eyelid, irritation, feeling of grit or tearing. It is also possible that the patient suffers from a special sensitivity to light, so it is advisable to use suitable sunglasses .


What should we never do with a stye?

What the body asks of us: exploit it. It is important to allow the styes to evolve and not squeeze them in order to drain them because the infection could spread by making a couple like cakes. Still hands!

We should also not use contact lenses or makeup, shades or eyeliner on the stye since the infection may worsen.

Remedies for stye treatment

Styes often drain spontaneously although drainage can be favored by applying hot water compresses several times a day for ten minutes.

In many cases, styes mature, drain and resolve without treatment, although the doctor may consider the use of antibiotic and corticosteroid ointments such as the classic Terra-cortril ophthalmic .

If the “fat ball” does not drain and remains residual on the eyelid, it must be surgically removed by the doctor. I insist: Still hands!


A ring to rule all styes

It is incredible, but very true, the accumulation of myths and home remedies of dubious utility that can be found on the internet to treat a stye. All kinds of plasters of the most varied plants (vulgar or exotic) and above all, the magical power of the golden ring .

What is true in the gold ring to cure styes? The rings do not cure styes because they are gold, silver or platinum. In fact, they don’t cure them in any way. They are simply good conductors of heat and therefore exert an effect similar to that of hot water compresses to promote drainage. The ring on a Chinese key chain, very warm, has the same effect as that of the gold ring. Another thing is how clean or dirty our ring is and the convenience of using it with other aseptic alternatives on hand.

The Apothecary’s advice

There are people more prone to develop styes, such as those with allergies or eyelash lice . Also those with blepharitis or seborrheic dermatitis. To prevent styes, it is advisable to use specific wipes such as Blefarix   de Viñas or Optibén  de Cinfa in the daily hygiene ritual,   which, in addition to correctly and safely facilitating eyelid hygiene, contain active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that help calm and restore the skin.


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