Strike Soccer 2 comes to Android, a simple and full soccer game

If you are a soccer lover and have a terminal with an Android operating system, Strike Soccer 2 is a development that is specially designed for you. In addition, it is an arcade soccer game that has fun as its reason for being, so it can be considered as casual and fast. That is to say, you don’t have to wait for complicated actions to be able to play it.

In this way, you will not have to learn a good number of button combinations or movements of the players that you control to score a goal in the opposing goal. Thus, even the smallest of the houses  in less than five minutes can perfectly control what they do and be “competitive” in Strike Soccer 2 (there is a special mode for them within the game).

But that it is simple does not mean that this game is not complete. Quite the opposite. An example of the work that has been done with it is that its database includes almost 300 computers to choose from. In addition, the game options, apart from the usual Friendly, are very numerous (16) and, among them, there are possibilities such as Continental Competition, National League, etc.

But also a “manager” touch in Strike Soccer 2. We say this since it is possible to select different tactics when playing a game, buying or selling players and, as a differential touch, the skills of each of them can be improved (Through the use of so-called Power Cards, which are achieved by playing the title itself.

The nicest graphics

As for the graphics, these are in three dimensions but not very demanding like those of Brawl Stars and its Brawl Ball game mode , so in terminals with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM it works quite well. The quality of the images is good, with fun creations that do not seek realism as in Head Ball 2 , but rather to attract attention. As for the soundtrack and effects, these comply, without more.

The game Strike Soccer 2 can be obtained for free at this link on Google Play (yes, there are purchases within the application itself, which must be taken into account). The requirements regarding storage space and version of the operating system are not high: 95 MB and Android 2.3.3, respectively.

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