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A Comprehensive Sudden Strike 4 Strategy Guide: Success Tips, Gameplay Basics, Gameplay Features, and More

Our Sudden Strike 4 guide will help you master the basic aspects of the gameplay, find a few tips for completing the campaign. The game itself is a continuation of the famous strategy series and a pretty good successor to the previous games. While the title may seem like a 100% real-time strategy game from the outset, you will soon notice the many game decisions that are commonly found in tactical games.

You will command the armies of the greatest countries of the Second World War. Your combat units include tanks, infantry, artillery mounts, and air support. The ongoing battles and giving orders are somewhat reminiscent of the famous Company of Heroes . However, in the game you do not have to build a base or launch a whole conveyor for the production of units. You will receive new units after completing certain objectives or as planned reinforcements.

If you make a mistake and lose too many soldiers, you will find that the strength of your army is too small to make the last dash. Sudden Strike 4 is an easy challenge for seasoned RTS veterans, especially in the campaign mode. Although even such gamers will be able to find useful tips for themselves in our guide. On the other hand, the game can seem quite daunting for newcomers to the genre.

Clash of tanks

The game rewards anyone looking for a tactical approach, forcing them to flank opponents in many situations, surround enemies, or rely on scouts or artillery power. The field of view is one of the key aspects, because, for example, tanks can be blown up by hiding infantrymen even before you find them, and vice versa – you can blow up enemy tanks in this way.

Each unit has a predefined support for ammunition and fuel, which must be replenished using special trucks. Every vehicle can be damaged, its wheels can fall off, or its engine can break. You can capture vehicles in the same way as in the game Behind Enemy Lines. If necessary, you can always call for air support or strike from outside the map.

Before each mission, you select three available doctrines. Each of them focuses on one of the branches and provides various skills that can affect the course of the battle. For example, additional grenades for your soldiers, armor for tanks, or the ability to dig for the installation of anti-tank weapons. For each task you can get stars, which are used to “buy” new skills.

Ammunition and fuel trucks

Sudden Strike 4 Walkthrough Tips

In addition to successfully completing the tutorial, we recommend that you start playing as the Allied army, and then follow the Soviet Union and ultimately play as the Germans, since in the case of the latter, you will need to know almost every aspect of the gameplay. Despite the text prompts and cutscenes that appear in many missions, the starting levels are more limited and contain fewer opponents. Later, from about the third or fourth mission, the difficulty level will gradually increase, you will have to act much more carefully.

Scouts are your most powerful weapon ! Many types of units have completely different viewing angles. Tanks, for example, have the most limited field of view, while infantrymen (and especially officers, binoculars) have the widest and longest field of view. If you send combat vehicles in the first line, then enemy automatic weapons will turn them into trash before you just have time to notice the enemy. Always put a small detachment of infantrymen on the first line, it is desirable that they crawl and do not automatically attack if a threat is detected. When you see opponents, then stop the infantry. Now you can assess the threat and choose the most appropriate attack tactics.

Marines can enter buildings, hide in bushes, and dodge . In games like this, using buildings as cover is nothing new. In this case, you need to be careful when choosing the units that you want to hide. Shooting from buildings will be very effective when shooting at infantry or lightly armed vehicles. Tanks and artillery, on the other hand, will have no problem destroying a building along with your people inside it. The game has a lot of vegetation and green areas, including fields and forests.

The infantry can hide in such zones, which will be indicated by the “eye” icon that appears near the unit. If there are no bushes nearby, then you can always order the detachment to disperse by clicking on the corresponding button on the control panel or by clicking on the W key. This function will allow you to create an ambush or observation points.

Powerful army

Fire at will is activated by the Q key. Despite everything, this skill is very useful. By default, each unit uses this feature when selecting a position. This means that the units will start shooting at everything that is within their range of action. If you disable this feature, the unit will only respond in the event of a direct attack. Here is an example of a situation where the function should be deactivated: let’s say you have long-range artillery, but there is not enough ammunition, so you have to carefully choose the targets for shooting. There are several things as painful as the hail of Katyusha shells that were used to attempt to detonate a single infantryman instead of firing at a convoy of tanks.

Disabling this position is extremely important for scouts. Their direct purpose is to inform you of enemy positions, and not try to shoot the enemy, telling him that you saw him. Therefore, hide them in the bushes and disable this function. It is also very useful when setting up an ambush or evacuation when you prefer not to reveal the position of your troops.

Attack (A) and Area Attack (G) . As you move, your transport units, especially those equipped with turrets, will automatically fire at nearby enemies. However, when it comes to infantry, things look a little different. After you give the order to move, the infantry units will follow their destination, but they will never attack anyone along the way (i.e. they do not attack while moving). The infantrymen will attack the enemy after they have reached the goal.

Even if they see hidden opponents or a new enemy group, the infantry will hold back the fire until they get to the specified location. You can prevent this by ordering them to attack in the area with the keys, rather than specific units or buildings. Now they will follow to the goal, but on the way to attack every enemy they meet. An area attack is a good option for armored vehicles and artillery. The function will allow you to attack a specific area in which, in your opinion, you can meet the enemy (or you have already seen them there for a moment). Your units will ignore other enemies and continue to attack the area until they run out of ammo or you give them another order. Therefore, do not forget about such units!

Remember that armored targets cannot be destroyed with regular infantry rifles . In this case, the infantrymen must be equipped with anti-tank weapons, and the vehicle with anti-tank ammunition. Without them, you can’t even leave a dent on an enemy tank! However, light weapons can injure or kill drivers of vehicles, including trucks. You can also kill the tank commander who stuck his head through the hatch. The tanks themselves are more vulnerable to damage when attacking from the flank or from behind. Some tanks are equipped with thick armor, so some of the shells can simply bounce off it without causing the slightest damage. Sometimes, however, they can damage the track or the engine, which can only be repaired with a repair machine.

Ammunition and fuel. Each unit has a predefined supply of ammunition, and each vehicle also has a limited amount of fuel. Some vehicles, such as tanks, have several types of ammunition: for machine guns, various ammunition for the main weapon (anti-personnel, anti-tank, etc.). Without ammunition, units will not be able to fight, and vehicles (without fuel) will not be able to move.

Low projectile and fuel stock warning

A low ammo or fuel level will be indicated by a corresponding icon: ammo cartridges and fuel canister. In almost every mission, you will have access to trucks that can provide your troops with ammunition and fuel. They often do this even automatically if they see soldiers or equipment nearby. Heavy tanks and artillery installations most often require such supplies. Sometimes you will be able to find supply points that will help your units directly. Or you can find gas stations for transport.

Medics are the most important infantry unit. If a soldier is shot, he usually falls to the ground (at least when firing a small caliber weapon, not a bomb or mortar shell). A small icon with a “white cross” appears next to him, which means that he is seriously injured. And your medic can still save this poor fellow! If you have not given the order to the medic to attack or move, then he will automatically approach the wounded soldier located in his line of sight / action. Always rescue injured medics first. Soldiers’ health is restored over time.

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