All About Stock Taking You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered or wondered how a supermarket or supermarket manages its inventory? Even though there are thousands of items that are traded. What if the stock runs out, is damaged, even lost? Stock inventory report is the answer. Then what is meant by the stock taking report and what is the example like? The following explanation.

What is Stock Hospitalization?

tock hospitalization is a form of stock inventory in warehouse before being sold. This activity is indeed quite time-consuming, because you will be checking and calculating the goods in the warehouse directly. In addition, in making calculations there must also be no errors or something to be missed, because later it will affect the stock of goods sold.

Now with the development of technology there is already a barcode . By using the barcode , the process of inventory taking (calculation of stock)  can be done more quickly and efficiently. In addition by using barcodes , errors in recording and calculating items can be minimized.

Why Stock Amount?

Stock taking activity is carried out to find out for sure and true about the inventory of goods in the accounting records and the goods in the warehouse, whether the amount is the same or different. If more items are found than what is written in the stock list , then it can be checked again whether there are possible transactions that have not been recorded or errors in recording.

If there is a shortage, it can usually be done in two ways, namely by keeping an adjusting entry for the shortage of goods or the company can also charge the stock clerk  to compensate for the shortage.

Benefits of Arranging and Calculating Stock

Please note that in addition to knowing exactly the number of items in the warehouse, stock taking has other benefits, which are as follows:

  1. Minimize deviations from goods, whether it is lack or excess.
  2. Able to not proceed quickly if there is a lost item or lack of goods, so that it does not occur until the stock becomes empty.
  3. Can be used as an analysis of previous years so that the development of the company can be known.
  4. Knowing the exact flow of goods in and out with certainty.
  5. Know the condition of goods in the warehouse with certainty.

When is Stock Holding done?

The answer depends on the agreed company policy. Each company has its own policy regarding the period of stock taking . Different types of businesses also must have different policies to determine when this item stock should be calculated. Generally, the period for carrying out stock calculations is done in annual periods, per quarter (4 months), quarterly (3 months), and some even once every month. But most companies do stock calculation and checking is quarterly or quarterly, because this process  requires a lot of time. In addition, the officers must also examine all items and their conditions in detail. However, with technologycompany barcodes have been facilitated a bit in the process of stock taking .

To reduce the risk of the difference in stock, some companies take inventory of goods at the beginning of each month. The aim is that stock differences can be immediately identified and the root of the calculation analysis is sought. If the cause is the quantity of goods, then the time lag when taking inventory items is also getting longer. You can do this activity between working days or when the company is not operating.

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How do you make a stock taking?

Before looking at examples of stock taking reports , it helps you know in advance the steps to make stock taking . Here are the steps:

  1. The first step is to stop the movement of goods in and out of the company, so that later in the calculation there is no excess or deficiency difference. The most effective item inventory taking is done during the holidays so there are no incoming and outgoing transactions.
  2. If the location of the warehouse is more than one, then the inventory stock of goods must be done more than one person so that the maximum.
  3. Make sure all the required documents are complete before taking stock inventory .
  4. Perform calculations carefully and thoroughly so that there are no data errors.
  5. After the physical calculation of the results is known, the next step is to compare with the records in the book about the amount of goods available in the warehouse.
  6. Make a report on inventory inventory .
  7. Report the results of inventory report inventory report .

If you already know the steps, you can start to practice this method in order to get results from a neat and accurate inventory of inventory. This can also avoid some mistakes that can occur at any time.


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