How to start a turban making business

In most weddings in the world, people wear turbans. It is mostly used for wedding purposes. This is a popular business location. For which young people are interested in starting this business. Because as long as the marriage goes on, the demand for this business will continue to increase. Its demand is high worldwide. This type of turban is worn by all races. We Bengalis use the turban as a culture. With this business you can make a lot of profit.


Location: Only enough for a small shop to operate this business. You can start this business in your home if you wish. This business takes a small amount of space. But the place has to be in a place where all the people can see your business location.


Potential capital: To start the business of turban making, you need to invest around 1 to 5 taka.


Why do turban making : The demand for this business is increasing over time. There is no risk involved. Many young people are interested in starting this business. You can easily benefit from starting this business. It is generally regarded as a popular business. This business can be started by investing less capital.


Potential gains of this business : It doesn’t cost much money to build a turban, only costs from 1 to 5 rupees. Good quality turban is priced from 1 to 25 rupees. As a result, you can earn up to 5 to 5 rupees in a turban.


How to get started : First you need to create a turban design with thick paper. Then it should be foam with glue. To make this turban beautiful, you can give different colors of cloth, lace, beads etc. to your liking and wrap the cloth so that the turban looks beautiful. This work is designed with alpine and glue.


Marketing: This product is sold in large markets or markets and in small stores. This business is in great demand in the market. It is in great demand in Pakistan and Malaysia. As a result, there are opportunities for export through this business.


Qualifications : No training is required to run this business. This task can be completed in a very short time. But the design needs to be creative.

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