20 Star Trek Tabletop Games

Star Trek Tabletop Games. While there may not be 20 distinct Star Trek tabletop games, there are several popular and notable ones that have been released over the years. Here’s a list of some of them:

Star Trek Tabletop Games.

  1. Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA, 1982) – One of the earliest tabletop RPGs based on the Star Trek universe.
  2. Star Fleet Battles (Task Force Games, 1979) – A tactical wargame where players command starships in various scenarios.
  3. Star Trek: Attack Wing (WizKids, 2013) – A miniatures game where players engage in space battles using pre-painted ships.
  4. Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius Entertainment, 2017) – A role-playing game that lets players explore the Star Trek universe as officers in Starfleet.
  5. Star Trek: Ascendancy (Gale Force Nine, 2016) – A strategy board game that allows players to control and expand their own spacefaring civilizations.
  6. Star Trek Catan (Catan Studio, 2012) – A reimagining of the classic board game Settlers of Catan with a Star Trek theme.
  7. Star Trek: Fleet Captains (WizKids, 2011) – A strategy board game where players build fleets and engage in space exploration and combat.
  8. Star Trek: Frontiers (WizKids, 2016) – A board game adaptation of the popular video game Star Realms, set in the Star Trek universe.
  9. Star Trek: Expeditions (WizKids, 2011) – A cooperative board game where players work together to resolve crises in the galaxy.
  10. Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game – A Klingon Challenge (Decipher, 1995) – An interactive VHS-based game with a board component.
  11. Star Trek: Customizable Card Game (Decipher, 1994) – A collectible card game where players build decks and engage in space battles.
  12. Star Trek Panic (Fireside Games, 2016) – A cooperative board game where players defend the USS Enterprise from various threats.
  13. Star Trek: The Adventure Game (West End Games, 1985) – A storytelling and role-playing game set in the Star Trek universe.
  14. Star Trek: The Game (Classic Games, 1967) – One of the earliest board games based on the original Star Trek series.
  15. Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone (WizKids, 2016) – A dexterity-based game where players use flicking mechanics to resolve conflicts.
  16. Star Trek: Five-Year Mission (Mayfair Games, 2015) – A cooperative dice-placement game where players take on the roles of Starfleet officers.
  17. Star Trek: Away Team (Artipia Games, 2018) – A cooperative board game where players complete missions as members of an away team.
  18. Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises (WizKids, 2018) – A game of trading and negotiation set in the Star Trek universe.
  19. Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Game (Cardinal, 1993) – A trivia-based board game testing players’ knowledge of the TV series.
  20. Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Ubisoft, 2017) – While not a traditional tabletop game, it’s a virtual reality game where players work together as a starship crew.

Please note that availability may vary, and new Star Trek tabletop games may have been released since my last knowledge update in September 2021. Always check with retailers and sources for the most current information.


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