Spy Solution Miles Morales Tinker Tailor Soldier

Welcome to our overview of the main Spider-Man Miles Morales story. In this tutorial, we will cover the spy from Tinker Tailor Soldier, which is the fourteenth main mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

The mission takes place in the Financial District and beating it earns you a whopping 6000 XP, so let’s get in!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The manipulator is angry at our character for lying to them and we promise to meet them face to face.

This conversation takes place during a call before jumping into the planned rendezvous point, Trinity Church, to discuss a way to stop Roxxon.

But unbeknownst to them, there is someone else who is aware of this meeting.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Come attacked here. Use your new ability, Mega Venom Blast. This ability costs three full bars of poison but makes everything fly.

Follow Phin and use the computer to find a way out. Since the front door will be closed, he uses a vent to crawl up to a small generator and the poison signals him to leave.

You can fight all at once in the main office room, or you can be stealthy and crawl across the ceiling and dye those below you in cobwebs when no one is looking.

Here you have to clear the way for Phin so they can cross to the other side of the room.

After Phin reaches the first terminal, more guards appear and now a fight is almost necessary as all the guards must be freed for her to move to the next terminal in the far corner.

You can still use the stealth approach of dropping them to the ceiling until they spot you.

Press the override
Since Phin is busy trying to open the doors for you, he asks you to activate the override. Therefore, you must access a terminal in an adjacent room.

The office area here will be filled with different monitors that you can interact with to get some audio records from Simon Krieger.

Also, you can find an underground cache to get a free tech part in this area.

Check all terminals for clues, hit the override and exit. Now an important scene will be played, with some pretty big reveals.

Access to the control room You
will now go through an underground grate, towards the end of which you will find a generator; your job here is to disable it.

In the next room, you will need to find a way to restore power to access the control room.

When Phin arrives at an access panel, he measures things in the room, the generator, an assembly line, a mobile crane, and an engine.

Fire up the generator with a Venom Punch, causing the crane to move towards the center.

Go to the opposite side near the engine and move the crane towards Phin, who grabs it. Put it back in the center and you will place the motor on the assembly line.

The laser will now be shorted. To power the laser, power is required from the generator to the red electric rod.

Connect a fabric line from the generator to the top of the crane.

Pull the crane to the opposite side once it has current, then connect the crane line to the red bill to turn it on.

Start the engine, then grab it with your nets and throw it at the blast shields to open a path to the control room.

In the next area, you will have to clear the room again while Phin tries to open an escape route.

Use stealth and a high point of view to trap enemies.

Watch out for enemies with blue scopes; they can see you even if you are camouflaged. So it would be helpful if you guide them first.

You can drop objects on the guards, supported by cranes. It can cause the laser to malfunction and make them target guards.

There are many possibilities, and if you are careful, Phin will have access without Roxxon noticing and you will be able to slide through a vent over the far window after cleaning.

Now let’s go into Krieger’s lab.

The Boss
An old enemy will reappear, along with Roxxon’s guards. Phin will take over the guards; you have to focus on the big boss.

The boss will be immune to your poison hits, so you’ll need to remove their armor first to deal real damage.

The armor comes off by hitting his head against things and stunning him.

A good move is to wait for it to charge and dodge at the right time, get behind it, and crash it into an APC vehicle or other hard material you encounter.

This will also stun him. Take advantage of this moment to launch a series of attacks and use your special takedowns to cause additional damage. However, don’t use your Venom injections just yet.

When it recovers, be patient and wait for it to recharge again.

Be careful with his heavy stomping and also with him lifting and throwing large debris towards you.

Once you’ve removed all of your armor, you’ll piss off the boss enough to start throwing APC vehicles at you.

But just like in the crane and engine room, it can overload the motors and throw them at your face.

Be careful because the pedal attacks will now send three shockwaves that will propagate to the ground.

Once you’ve stopped your Roxxon upgrades by throwing those supercharged engines at you, now is the time to use up that large amount of poisonous poison and deal some damage.

Use the poison to stun Rhino, the boss. Now take this opportunity and go crazy with him and destroy him.

Keep up the pressure and your head will soon fall off. However, this ends the mission, but not the combat, as a cutscene is played and things don’t go according to plan.

As always, you can now relax in Miles’s apartment before starting Thicker Than Blood.


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