AC Valhalla Besuncen Tor Gear Wealth Armor Underwater

Besuncen Tor in AC Valhalla is a location that houses various pieces of wealth, including a carbon ingot and armor equipment. Both require you to submerge yourself in the water and it is incredibly difficult to know how to get to them. Sure, the game gives you the bullion and armor wealth icons in Besuncen Tor, but figuring out how to get there can be a headache. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’ll show you in our AC Valhalla Besuncen Tor Gear Wealth Armor Underwater guide.

AC Valhalla Besuncen Tor Gear Wealth Armor Underwater

How to get Besuncen Tor Underwater Armor Wealth AC Valhalla?

To get the Besuncen Tor underwater armor in AC Valhalla, go behind the great waterfall to the west of the sunken tower. As soon as you enter the cave, you will see a small pool of water. Dive in and go to the bottom. Turn northeast and you will see the underwater tunnel that you need to follow. When you reach the dead end, swim up and you will find yourself in a huge cavern. You cannot miss the great treasure chest that is inside, because there is a ray of sunlight illuminating it. Inside, we find Huntsman Vambraces, which is a superior pair of bracers.

Take a dip in the pool behind the waterfall.

The armor is in the chest inside the great cavern.

Where to find underwater wealth in AC Valhalla Besuncen Tor?

To find the underwater wealth at Besuncen Tor in AC Valhalla, swim and walk up to the tower. Immerse yourself in the water. There is a square hole more or less precisely in the middle of the tower, so that’s where you should go. When you get to the floor, look to the northwest and you will see a large wooden barrier. Break it enough to get through, and there is the chest, just behind the two statues and to the left. If you go through the rest of the tunnel, you will also find other things that can be looted. However, the real wealth, also known as a carbon ingot, is in the chest.

Dive into the square hole in the middle of the tower.

The chest is behind the wooden barrier.

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