Spider-Man: Miles Morales Training Guide

In this Spider-Man: Miles Morales training guide we will share some tips for training sessions in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Miles Morales may be a new hero in New York, but the original Spider-Man is also present and serves as a mentor to train the new hero to reach his new potential. Spider-Man prefers physical lessons instead of just videos and lectures and so you’ll play some really fun little training challenges while at the same time getting a grip on the core gameplay mechanics.

Training Guide – Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Our Spider-Man: Miles Morales training guide describes everything you need to know about training challenges in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

What are training challenges in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles-Morales is young and just putting his hands around, on the whole, being a superhero thing. For this reason, the original Spider-Man has designed a couple of training challenges for our young hero to take part in and become familiar with some of his basic and advanced moves and powers. Each of these challenges is designed with a particular mechanic and will help you understand them better and get comfortable using them. Eventually, you’ll unlock some awesome new skills to use in the game as well.

The game features nine training challenges across three categories. You have three challenges for Traversal, three for combat and three for stealth. You can earn three bronze, silver and gold medals at the end of each challenge depending on your performance. Additionally, at these medals, you also earn an activity token with each medal. It means that when you unlock a gold medal in a challenge, you earn three activity tokens, one for each medal. Completing these challenges is extremely beneficial for you.

Training Challenge Tips and Tricks in Spider-Man Miles Morales

Training challenges are not unlocked from the start of the game, so you will need to play the main story to progress through the game and eventually reach the point where these challenges are unlocked. Also, all challenges are not unlocked at the same time. Progression into the main story will eventually unlock all challenges for you, so you must play the main story as well to advance in the game and unlock more challenges for yourself.

Complete challenges as soon as they unlock because immediately after their competition, even if you earn a bronze medal, you will unlock a fantastic new skill. These skills are extremely important to you in the game. You can grind for higher medals later in the game but for your first few attempts, even if you grab a silver medal or a bronze medal, move on to the next challenge and unlock more and more skills. Once you’ve unlocked all the skills in the game, you can come back later and grind as you like for higher medals and those sweet activity tokens.

Being goal-oriented in these challenges serves a greater chance of success than simply lounging through these challenges. Each challenge will give you a certain goal and you will do it much better if you focus on that particular goal rather than doing extra things in the challenge. This will ensure that you get a better medal on your first try, thus eliminating the need to grind later. These challenges are an excellent way to learn some of the advanced things in the game that will be extremely useful in later parts of the game, so try to practice these mechanics as much as possible.

Practice makes perfect. Some of the challenges are certainly not easy to get a gold medal, so it goes without saying that you will be required to practice them before actually improving. If you’ve played the game a lot, chances are you’ll be pretty good with the mechanics too, however some tasks will still require some practice before you can master these challenges and get those gold medals and all the activity tokens.

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