How to decrypt floppy disk in Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos

One might think that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a game just for shooting and killing enemies. But there is so much more. CoD Blops Cold War also includes some technical elements, for example, decrypting a disk. In this guide, we will show you how to decrypt disk in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos.

You will need to decrypt the disk in the mission known as Operation Chaos. We will explain the step by step procedure on how to easily decrypt the disk without wasting time.

Floppy disk chaos of Operation Black Ops Cold War

Operation Chaos mission requires you to discover more evidence scattered across different missions.

There are three tests required by three different assignments in the Black Ops Cold War to decode the floppy disk.

Players should first obtain all three evidence from those assignments.

To pass the floppy disk code and understand the floppy disk passphrase, they should then use the test.

A coded message
Upon completion of the Nowhere to Run search, the first piece of evidence is retrieved by Quasim.

Once you convince him to pour the beans on Arash, the evidence will be gathered immediately; just make sure you don’t throw it off the cliff.

Numbers Station Broadcast
During the Brick in the Wall mission the second evidence can be obtained: an audio reel lies inside a factory on a table and is identified as evidence of Operation Disorder.

This is just how you freed the informant so you may finally come across it.

First page of
the Observer You will find the third proof upstairs in a fake 80s bar in the red light search, green light. This is also part of Photo Intel’s mission.

Interaction with the Central Intelligence Agency console requires you to enter a code and passphrase to decrypt the floppy disk in the Operation Confusion task.

This segment requires some effort on your part as the strategies seem to be different for each player.

To decrypt the floppy disk, you will need both a passphrase and a secret. You will need the code message for the passphrase. There is a series of blue and red numbers.

When you have discovered the missing numbers, add them together and listen to the Numbers Station broadcast to find out the corresponding city, your passphrase will be the name of this city.

Look at the first page of the Observer for the second half and you will see highlighted letters which, when decoded, make up the name of another city.

Play the Numbers Station broadcast again and you will enter a series of numbers with the city name, which is the code you will need to enter to open the disc.

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