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It is very important to make our youth aware on the subject of drug abuse. Drugs are destroying the lives of our youth and putting their future in darkness. The use of drugs is making their lives vulnerable and their chances of destruction are increasing.

Therefore, it becomes very important to raise awareness among our youth and prevent them from becoming a victim. You can also prepare a speech on drug abuse and distribute it on various occasions and platforms.

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Dear students – Hearty congratulations to all of you! I welcome everyone to the school seminar hall.

Today, we are discussing here about the fatal intake of drugs and how it is destroying the lives of our youth. But before the discussion starts, I would like to give a short speech on drug abuse and give knowledge to my students on this sensitive subject.

Drugs, as we all know, are illegal to use. There are many students who take drugs for many reasons. Those who deal with the sale of drugs form a network and mainly target students for drug addiction. Initially, the students are sold the drugs for free and gradually when they become addicted to it, they start buying and consuming it. In fact, the students also eventually become part of their network and start working in it.

It is observed that students start taking drugs due to stress or inappropriate expectations of their teachers as well as parents. The lack of emotional support and disorder in their families makes them vulnerable and increases their dependence on drugs. They use it to calm their state of mental agitation.

Furthermore, poverty is the main reason that forces some students to be part of the network of drug sales and working. Hence, it becomes like a vicious cycle of drug addicted students from where they get no protection until society comes to their rescue.

Sadly, students fail to realize that the use of drugs has serious effects on their physical and mental health, as they begin to experience mental disorders, experience fatal illnesses and Dies untimely.

When one succumbs to the temptation of drugs altogether, it becomes very difficult for them to recover from its effects, except in the centers of drug rehabilitation, where they gain a new life, but which involve high costs.

In fact, there are many cases where rehabilitation centers also fail due to the poor condition of the patients. Therefore, I request all students to completely abstain from taking drugs and snatch their lives before destroying their health, future. Do not even try to touch them or get close to them. Drugs can also destroy an entire generation.

So act thoughtfully and be smart. Shape your future which seems bright and full of achievements. The medicines given by the doctor to his patients should only be taken to fight a particular disease, otherwise the government will have to take strict steps to ban its illegal trade in the market and save our youth from destruction.

I sincerely hope that our students will never try to consume drugs and will stay away from its use completely. Remember that our country needs you because you are the harbinger of its future and progress.

Thank you!

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Good Morning Friends – Welcome to the 77th campaign of drug addiction ban.

It is great to see how the members of our organization are working hard to reach the public every day to count and spread awareness about drug addiction or drug abuse.

From day one and today this is our organization’s 77th campaign – we never really thought we would make it big, meaning we currently have over 200 people working and have gained a collective appeal. The response so far has been really good and we have been successful in changing the lives of people who were previously under the influence of drugs.

Therefore today I would like to appeal to the general public to distance themselves from the use of drugs and lead healthy lives. Drug addiction or drug abuse is described as excessive dependence on a substance, which inevitably becomes a mandatory requirement of the person using it.

This need becomes so essential that a person cannot live his life without that substance like a normal person does. And, when such a substance stops being available in the market, then that person is considered to be suffering from substance abuse.

Drug addiction has become one of the serious social problems in many developing countries as well as in developed countries and it proves to be the major impediment to the all-round development of unreasonably large people, society, country and the world. Our country is a progressive country and it is already suffering from so many serious problems, such as unemployment, poverty and illiteracy, drug abuse makes the situation here worse as it further transforms our economy into its youthful life. Makes retrograde to destroy.

Even sadly, many drug users cannot afford that much to buy expensive drugs and eventually have to resort to activities such as theft to run their homes. These people are not congenital thieves, but drug addiction makes them heinous and feeds their bodies with drugs to motivate them to commit crimes.

People can get addicted to drugs for various reasons, some of which are given below:

To de-stress yourself

When a person is under the influence of drugs, he forgets everything and enters a trance-like situation. However, it is only later that people realize that the use of drugs only increases the problem and does not really help them to relieve stress.

Due to peer pressure

Many times people start taking drugs because their friends are addicted to them. However, once they start taking it, it becomes really difficult for them to get rid of this habit.

Style statement

Many teenagers these days think that drinking, smoking and even drug addiction helps them to look cool and make a style statement in front of others. However, it is only when these people get caught up in its vicious cycle that they realize irreparable damage to their lives.

Adolescents and everyone in that case must understand that drug abuse habits not only affect their body and mind, but also end their bright future. So we should not use drugs to spread awareness around us and save our lives as well as the lives of our loved ones.

Thank you!

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Respected Principal, Vice Principal, teachers and my dear fellow students – a warm welcome to all of you! Today, I would like to stand in the prayer room and take the opportunity to give a brief speech on drug abuse.

I request my principal and teachers to please allow me to speak on this subject as it is a high time to tell our youth about the dangerous habit of drug abuse. In the present times, there are many factors that contribute to a person resorting to drug addiction and making his life miserable.

The most frightening factors are rapid industrialization and urbanization, which have given rise to a new kind of behavior among today’s youth, namely individualism and permissiveness. People these days prefer nuclear families and in many cases both parents are working, as a result of which they are less intrusive than their previous generations. People are living their lives in isolation and avoid being socialized because in modern times the stress has become too much to take back the figures in their personal lives.

If a child falls in love with his parents because of his busy life, then he uses drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. to calm himself. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction in the parents and such children fall prey to intoxication and ruin their lives completely.

It is even more painful to see that if drug addicted people are not allowed to use drugs, they suffer from depression, painful and uncontrollable convulsions as well as vomiting!

It is an obvious fact that drug addiction is completely ruining the path of progress for many individuals and our nation to take proactive steps to keep an eye on this destructive habit of our youth. The most important step in this direction will be to spread awareness among the people at the national level.

Our Government of India has indeed prepared various campaigns and is even able to achieve success in this direction. Individuals whose family and friends are suffering from drug addiction are requested to visit rehabilitation institutes and camps for treatment of drug addiction.

Drug abuse should not be tolerated and should be banned outright as a prohibition. However, it is not advisable for this habit to torture or demean the addict because if you try and convince the person about his treatment, he may voluntarily opt for it And themselves can get rid of this addiction.

A person who has become a victim of substance abuse is forced intoxicated by his physical conditions, but soon he realizes the bad effects of this habit. All these people need help and therefore we should provide these people with support, along with encouraging them to return to their normal lives and lead healthy lives.

Thank you!

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Honorable Principal, Vice Principal, colleagues and my dear students – Heartiest congratulations to all!

First of all, I would like to thank our esteemed Principal and Vice Principal for attending this speech ceremony with my presence and giving my acceptance. And, for fellow teachers – this event would not have been possible without your support. I would like to congratulate my dear students for making the desired arrangements at a short notice.

The subject of today’s speech is drug abuse! I have chosen to speak on this subject because these days I observe a number of campaigns on drug abuse to teach people about its side effects. As a teacher, it becomes my responsibility to help spread the message wherever we may be and most importantly to start with our own school.

Drug abuse is considered one of the restrictions of our so-called civilized society. It has affected all sections and sectors of our society. People with illicit drug use are found everywhere, namely in urban and rural areas, between men and women, between rich and poor. But it is highly practiced by our young girls and boys living in hostels in almost all technical and educational institutions.

The serious state of drug abuse is prevalent around the world and unfortunately our country India is greatly affected by it. Our country is a transit country because it is placed between the Golden Triangle that includes Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, including the Golden Crescent that includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran – places where most drugs, mainly heroin and opium Is produced.

Pakistan is the nucleus of the world when it comes to any illegal activity and as far as drug production is concerned – it is the center. In fact, a large part of the drugs goes by India so that it can be exported to other countries.

This happens through the network of drug mafia, which later have links with formidable smugglers and terrorists. In the process, unfortunately many young men as well as women also fall prey to this diabetic activity. With the help of ISI, Pakistan is involved in a proxy war against Kashmir with India with the help of drug mafia. Thus, terrorism and drugs share very strong connections.

This addiction is so deadly that people become victims of its use and almost become slaves. If a person does not receive its regular dose, then the person starts feeling deficient and suffers from severe pain, which leads to loss of sensation in the hands and feet. There are different types of drugs, such as heroin, opium, hashish, hemp, etc.

There are also some injections, which lead to a state of severe drowsiness. If an intoxicated person is not able to get the required dose of medicine when needed, he will be willing to do anything for it, such as stealing or physically hurting others, even by resorting to improper means.

Therefore, I request everyone to strictly say ‘No’ to drugs and if a drunk person finds you, then get him admitted to rehabilitation centers so that his life can improve.


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