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Child trafficking is one of the serious issues the world is dealing with. Yet how can we sit silent despite being a responsible citizen of the world? It is high time that we use the power of language or words to influence the world and demand strict measures from the government.

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Happy Day – I welcome you all to today’s speech ceremony!

I, Pranav Kaushik, your host for today would like to give a speech on one of the most burning issues that our country and indeed the whole world is grappling with, ie child trafficking. First of all, I know how many of you know about child trafficking? Child trafficking, also known as child abuse and child labor, means the “transportation, recruitment, exploitation, transfer”, etc. of a child for forced labor, slavery and exploitation.

We protect our children from every evil eye, but imagine what will happen to those children who are orphans or destitute at such a tender age when they do not even learn to walk properly. I am sure that all of us come to the roadside dressed like many children begging for money and food.

Are we not shaken by the pitiable condition of such young children when they go to school and enjoy their childhood, they are pushed to the roadside for begging? How many of us actually go out and take active steps to remove them from the side of the road or help with their education? It rarely happens, okay!

So I think it is appropriate to raise this issue here today and make people as aware of this forced labor as possible because the young children we see begging in the street are often victims of child trafficking. Now let’s understand exactly how many types of child trafficking exist!

  • Forced labor
  • Use a child as a beggar
  • sexual abuse
  • Children in drug trade

Forced Labor – This is often the motive behind child trafficking. Child labor specifically refers to children who are usually the lowest and are justified to work. Child labor appears in various forms, such as work in the fields, domestic servants, manufacturing industries, etc. In addition, many children are forced into cheap and controllable labor and are employed in farms, homes, restaurants, factories.

Child begging – begging when forced is a situation in which both boys and girls under the age of 18 are forced to beg through physical and psychological pressure. It is defined as an act of soliciting money in the form of donations on the street.

Sexual abuse – According to the International Labor Organization, sexual exploitation of children includes the activities and practices mentioned below:

  • “Trafficking of girls and boys and teenagers for sex trade”
  • “Use of children in sex shows (public or private)”
  • “The use of boys and girls in sexual activities on the streets or indoors, in places such as brothels, massage parlors, discotheques, hotels, bars, restaurants, etc., in cash or kind (usually defined as child prostitution).
  • “Production, promotion and distribution of pornography involving children”
  • “Child sex tourism”

Children in drug trade – Children are also involved in the illegal trade of drugs worldwide. In particular, children are trafficked into the business as couriers or dealers of drugs and as ‘paid’ in drugs so that they become addicted to it and are further implicated in the act.

We cannot possibly imagine how children are exploited by anti-social elements in our society, but it certainly calls for strict government control and regulations on every activity happening in our country and responsible global Should be located as citizens and along with this our society should also try to help in uprooting this evil. So that the lives of young, innocent children are not destroyed.

Thank you!

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Happy Day Ladies and Gentlemen! Today we have gathered here to discuss a very serious issue of our time, for which our government is unfortunately doing nothing, namely child trafficking.

Even after completing 70 years of official independence, India has not achieved practically all that much. Yes, we have made progress in various fronts, but are still struggling to develop ourselves from developing to developing. We fight terrorism, corruption, unemployment and poverty etc. with various tools of destruction every day. But one such concern, which is not only making the country hollow, but also putting a question mark on humanity, is child trafficking.

It is such an irony, a shameful irony that on the one hand we say that children are angles of God and on the other hand we are playing with their future; This is how we treat angles! If we go to the figures and see, there has been a huge increase in crimes against children in the last decades, which shows that our greed did not spare even children.

Today, children are being trafficked from all parts of our country and sent not only across the country, but across international borders. They are forced to do all kinds of work, such as begging, engaging in prostitution, being sent to homes as servants, used as sources of organs, for dirty illegal organ trade and here Even involved in something as brutal as terrorism.

All of this, points to only one thing, which is that we are chasing our own record of the more brutal murders of humanity every day. Like any other problem in the world, there are also root causes of child trafficking, which are again serious issues for which we have not been able to find a solution.

Off the list, unemployment, poverty and lack of education, top list. They say, hunger can make you do anything, this is certainly the reason why in many cases, parents themselves sell their children to these trafficking groups for money.

In some cases, the parent is promised and taken to provide suitable employment to their child, but the child is forced into prostitution, organ trade or other such heinous things and the parent Never see your children again.

On the other hand, those who involve themselves in such inhuman activities are mostly unemployed people who work for some big shot name to earn bread for their family. Since we have failed miserably to provide employment to the world’s second largest population, this is why all these sins are happening.

Today, we talk about the mid-day meal, we talk about the quality of education, we make plans and claim big things but what about these children who are struggling with their lives, education And forget about ‘luxury like quality of food’.

If children are the future and this is the situation of children in our country, then our future definitely looks bleak. If we cannot provide our children with the freedom and security to roam without fear, if we cannot promise to give them full rights and allow these little angles to dream, then I think That we do not have the right to say “we are free”. This is all I have to say.

Thank you!

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Good morning everybody! Today I am here to address a very relevant issue called Child Trafficking. Please allow me to share my thoughts on the same.

We talk about educational reforms, we talk about child labor, we talk about children’s rights and we talk about their future. But the only thing we don’t do is take action. Many times we see children begging or selling something on traffic signals, we see them working in shops, we also see them coming and working in our house, but we prefer to remain silent spectators.

The problem today is that we talk and feel that our work is done. This is why even after putting so much mind into it, we have not come close to eradicating anything as child trafficking. Millions of children in our country are pushed into prostitution, organ trade, slavery and terrorism every year. . These children are kept in a deserted environment, thrown into dangerous and unsafe conditions.

Most of the time they are not fed properly. This is the India that we are giving to the children of our country after 70 years of independence. There is a group of children who cannot move around or play fearlessly because no one knows what can happen to them next and there is another group created by their own parents to do business Gone so that they can survive and beat hunger.

Some blame poverty for this, some blame unemployment, others blame illiteracy and some blame degrading morality. But I think that there is no one reason for this inhuman act and they are all interlinked and lead to each other.

Now, is the time when we have to stop waiting for others or the government to do something and open our eyes! Instead of just talking about it for some time and then forgetting, we need to awaken our consciousness. You may not be able to change the whole world alone, but you can be the inspiration for the beginning of change and making others a part of their contribution.

Thinking about issues, discussing them and gathering opinions are certainly important aspects because that is how we spread awareness and understand issues better. But, we also need to move beyond talking and take necessary steps for treatment.

Thank you!

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Respected Principal, Deputy Principal, Teacher and my dear fellow students – Warmest greetings of the day!

My name is Amrita and I study in class eleventh. I feel extremely excited to share the stage with my class teacher and am grateful to them for giving me the opportunity today on Children’s Day to say a few words.

Friends, today I am not going to talk about how much this day means to us and how it is celebrated in our country, rather I want to draw your attention to this serious reality that we all at some point Or hesitate to confront another and choose to live in our own fairy tale world.

Today, this rally called Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao is shocking the whole country and many more such campaigns have been conducted in the past like education right of every child, but whether what is really happening in our country, on that We have the right It is not like that at all.

Yes friends, India is known as a major transit destination or a major source for child trafficking where young children are subjected to forced labor and sexual harassment. This problem of child trafficking arises mainly from the disadvantaged sections of our society, such as tribal communities, working laborers, low caste Dalits, religious minorities as well as women from excluded groups. Since they are the most vulnerable, they easily fall prey to such hostile elements in society, who undergo child abuse and sexual exploitation.

Doesn’t this all highlight the hypocrisy and secondary status of our society that on one hand the government talks about educating its youth and on the other hand it remains shameless and does nothing to protect the future of poor and destitute children is?

Do we as a society and as a nation not take responsibility for the poor children who are forced to live life? If we cannot bless them with a good life, we do not even have the right to enjoy their innocent childhood.

Are we not the ones who do not hesitate to employ small children as servants in our household or for a nominal amount? How many of us actually bother to send him to school or go to an NGO for his better future?

Unfortunately, our Indian children are exposed to various vulnerabilities as hundreds and thousands of children continue to work in harsh conditions, such as working at construction sites, brick kilns and agricultural farm houses, or in the sex trade. Young girls around 8-9 years old are also not spared. Worse, the parents of such children sell themselves to their children or are forced to work in factories amid the most dangerous poisonous elements.

So if we sincerely want to honor and celebrate this day, it becomes extremely important to unite and fight together to eradicate this evil from everywhere and build a safe haven for our children, where they Innocence and childhood are not far away, but they are nurtured and they are given their full right to live a loving childhood.

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