Space laser tag – Complete Borderlands 3 guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

Once in the Sanctuary we can take the opportunity to explore and spend our eridium and tickets on upgrades of the weapons slots or whatever we want before continuing with the main mission that is part of this complete guide . To do so, we went to talk to Lilith and Maya on deck. Rhys will be contacted and we’ll have to go down to Promethea to help him. Even so, before we can fulfill some pending secondary mission.

Space laser tag

  • Invasion of privacy: Ava will ask us to go down to Athenas to retrieve her personal diary, which has a Maliwan commander in her possession that we must eliminate. Before that we will have to finish off several of his men and collect other personal items.
  • Sacred Liquors: A monk from Athenas will ask us to help him end the ratch invasion of the distillery in order to save the liquors inside.

Once we are ready we go down to the Meridio Metroplex to meet Rhys on platform 7. He will give us a viper key to insert into a Maliwan shuttle and reach an outer area on the planet where there will be very little gravity. There we must clear an area of ​​enemies and advance towards the fragment of the camera key.

The way there will be easy if we follow the instructions that Rhys indicates and let the enemies that attack us stay on the road (it is our choice). As soon as we get to the laser room accompanying the Rhys Ball we will have to face ” Katagawa Ball “, a boss with three shield bars. Our recommendation to defeat him is to carry large rocket launcher- type weapons and powerful rifles in order to find good cover, where his attacks from different elements do not reach us, to shoot from there.

When we can beat him, we can collect the fragment of the camera key found in the room and return to the Sanctuary in order to give it to Tannis .


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