The impending storm – Complete Borderlands 3 guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

Once back at the Sanctuary we must talk to Lilith, set the ship heading for Athenas and get on the descent capsule to reach the new planet in order to continue the story of the game as part of this complete guide . Even so, before going down we can carry out a secondary mission on board.

The Approaching Storm

  • A little prick: once on board, Tannis will ask us to find the syringes he has lost on the ship. Their locations are as follows: on Claptrap, on a dart board, on the Moxxi bar counter, on a sign between two lockers, on a fuel pump, nailed to a statue, to a central tube of the nave and under the stairs that lead to Cargo Bay.

Once in Athenas , we will have to advance until we meet Maya , but for this we must clear the plaza of enemies and ring the bell at the bottom to summon it. When it appears, we follow it and continue with the same system of cleaning enemy areas and ringing bells. After that he will ask us to find his apprentice, Ava , and once with her we must go into various tombs in search of eridium.

We reach the plaza and we must finish off a new boss, who will use fire and ice attacks to harm us. A piece of advice that we give you is to get on one of the sides of the area and shoot from there to remove the shield and later life (which will descend faster).

After that, Maya will open the door of the temple and we can collect the fragment of the camera key to take it to Tannis aboard the Sanctuary.


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