Soundcore Life Q35 Review

Here is our review of Anker’s Soundcore Life Q35 headphones tested for about a week with all genres of music possible.

Anker continues to amaze and this time it does so by improving active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, audio quality and latency, at a price that is still attractive to everyone. But let’s find out our review.


  • Anker Soundcore Life Q35: the complete test
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Anker Soundcore Life Q35: the complete test

There are tons of wireless headphones on the market that you can use to listen to your favorite music with Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. The Anker Soundcore Life Q35 with a list price of 129.99 euros meet the main requests of users by presenting themselves with many advanced features, including: Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification, support for the LDAC protocol and the aforementioned ANC.

That’s not all, keep reading you will discover some good ones.


Compared to the previous model Soundcore Life Q30, here we are faced with an even more elegant and detailed package. The box depicts the headphones and lots of really useful information. Inside we find a semi-rigid travel case in soft lining with the Soundocore logo.

In a small bag there is a USB-C charging cable and a 3.5 mm audio jack cable for cable connection, as an alternative to Bluetooth. The cable also has a multifunction button and a microphone to better manage video conferences. Inside the bag there is also a splitter to connect headphones to 2 devices at the same time and facilitate the transition from music, to calls, to meetings and so on.

Finally we have the blue headphones, which in addition to being extendable are resealable and easily placed in the case to always carry them with you.

Design and build quality

The design of the Q35 does not differ much from the previous model. This version has a new blue color and a remarkable attention to detail. Aesthetically they are beautiful to look at with solid and sturdy construction and very interesting textures.

They are made of quality polycarbonate , colored aluminum and soft leatherette on the two pavilions and on the headband that rests on the head.

As already mentioned, the Q35 headphones are extendable, to easily fit the head, and fold away to take up less space. In addition, the ear cups can be rotated 90 degrees in order to fold them into the case and take up less space.

I wore them for several hours and I must say that I have not experienced any discomfort, quite the contrary. The padded and covered headband that rests on the head did not weigh at all, the same goes for the padded pavilions with memory foam cushions . Wearing them I had no problems with overheating or sweating.

As for the controls, the Soundcore Life Q35 mount various physical buttons.

  • On the left pavilion we find the on / offbutton (hold down for 3 seconds), a blue / red LED light, and the NC button to activate / deactivate noise cancellation (ANC), USB-C charging port .
  • On the right pavilion, on the other hand, we have the play / pausevolume down and up buttons , 5 mm AUX cable port .

The only touch control is that of activating the Transparency mode (allows you to hear who is talking to you) which occurs simply by touching the right ear cup. This same pavilion integrates an NFC chip (for Android devices) with which you can simultaneously connect 2 devices to enjoy continuous listening. To do this after the first device is successfully connected, you have to press the power key twice to pair the second.

To make associations via NFC, you must first enable it on your Android smartphone and then gently tap on the right panel of the headphones.

There are other functions such as: the motion detector , which blocks the music as soon as we remove the headphones, an internal voice that explains the various functions and the battery status as soon as we turn them on and finally an LED signal light (blue when we turn on the headphones, red when we turn them off).

Apps, features and controls

As in other Anker Soundcore headphones already reviewed in the past, these also have an app called Soundcore , for Android and iOS , able to manage them better. Apart from the equalizer functionality that allows you to manually set the audio by also setting different presets and the best sound quality , for the rest we find the functions that you can also apply from the buttons of the pavilions.

When the app starts, you may be prompted to update the firmware. After doing this, the Settings for Active Noise Cancellation are clearly visible on the main screen. By logging in you will have 3 types of ambient sounds available:

  • Noise cancelingwith modes Medium (focuses on low frequencies), Indoors (eliminates mid-frequency voices and noises), Outdoors (reduces ambient sounds while out).
  • Transparency mode: it is a light noise cancellation that allows you to listen well to music and ambient noise.
  • Normal: Noise cancellation is disabled.

At the bottom left, on the main screen, there is the Equalizer button to choose the one that best suits your needs. You can choose in the Preset section , one of the 22 preset equalizers, or in Customize , work on the graph to improve your musical experience.

Also in the Home, at the bottom right, you will find the best sound quality mode . It is a reproduction of environmental sounds, such as: rain, wind, birds, and so on, which together with noise cancellation should contribute to your rest. You can also set a timer and choose a specific time interval.

To restore the headphones to their initial state , press the power button and the volume up button at the same time for 5 seconds.

Audio quality

Detailed sound, powerful bass and competitive price are just some of the elements that make these headphones unique. Like the acclaimed Sony and Bose, these headphones also sound really good.

40mm silk diaphragm drivers produce precise sound with a wide frequency range. We are faced with a high-resolution audio that will allow you to enjoy the best sound both wirelessly and wired. The maximum volume is set at approximately 95 dB ,

The audio experience is also supported by the technologies present: Hi-Re s, Hi-Res Wireless and the LDAC codec . This latest technology, compatible only with Android devices, was made by Sony to push the bitrate up to the frequency of 990 kbps , this means that you will not have any loss of detail (high lossless rendering).

The active noise cancellation is the fundamental element of these wireless headphones. Each pavilion has 2 microphones capable of detecting and filtering external noises. You can switch between modes: Vehicles, Indoors and Outdoors to customize your ANC experience.

Even telephone calls are facilitated by the presence of these microphones that detect the voice with unprecedented precision, thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm . For this reason the calls are clear , crisp and without external disturbances .


If you love listening to music for hours and hours, then you’ve found the right headphones for you. With the Soundcore Q35 you can enjoy 40 hours of playback with active noise cancellation and 60 hours without ANC . You won’t have to worry about running out of battery life, both because the 720 mAh battery has a long life and because you can quickly recharge in 5 minutes for 4 hours of listening.

Data sheet

  • Driver size: 2 x 40mm
  • ANC: Yes
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • NFC: Yes
  • Audio: LDAC, SBC, AAC codec
  • Battery: 720mAh
  • Autonomy: up to 60 hours (without ANC), up to 40 hours (with ANC)
  • Charging time: about 2 hours

Conclusions and price

As already mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Soundcore Life Q35 headphones are available on Amazon at the list price of € 129.99 . To date, in our opinion, they are the best Bluetooth headphones on the market for this price range. Not only are they suitable for all types of users, from the most demanding to the less experienced, but the attention to detail, style and elegance make them an unrivaled device.

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