Does snapping fingers hurt?

Does snapping fingers hurt?

Who doesn’t have some kind of craze? Even if you claim that you don’t have at least one, we bet you know someone who does.Some of the most common crazes are cleaning, precision or organization, repeating tasks, accumulating old objects, biting nails, pulling out hair and hair, and thinking you are sick.However, it’s about another craze we’re going to talk about below – that of snapping our fingers. For some people, it’s annoying and annoying when others do it. But is it moreover that snapping fingers is bad? What problems can it bring?

Knowing more about snapping fingers 

Before we understand if snapping your fingers is bad, how about we know better about the act? Snapping fingers is classified as a nervous tic or a habit.

It happens when the bones of a joint are separated by being subjected to extreme positions such as forced bending or hyperextension.

And do you know the noise that happens when you snap your fingers? According to the orthopedist and member of the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Rio de Janeiro (SBOT-RJ), Luis Marcelo Malta, the most accepted explanation for the emergence of noise is the so-called cavitation theory.

What happens is that when an extension or flexion is forced on the finger joint, a negative pressure environment is established within the joints. Then the gases dissolved in the liquid inside the joints form bubbles.

And it is precisely when these bubbles are popped that the famous cracking noise of the fingers happens.

Does snapping your fingers hurt?

Now that we understand what it is, let’s get to the answer: Does snapping fingers hurt or not? For the past 50 years, many researchers have believed so, that the noise that is made when fingers are snapped was an indication that parts of the fingers were being separated.However, a survey released in the year 2015 in the publication PLOS ONE overturned this idea. The experiment performed an MRI scan and found that in fact the noise of bubble burst happens when the fluid goes into the finger cavities.

A 1990 study even linked long-term cracking with swelling in the hands and less strengthening in the grip. However, there are no other experiments that can support this thesis.The head of hand and wrist surgery at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, Pedro Beredjiklian, explains that the more a person clicks his fingers, the longer and looser the capsules and ligaments around the fingers become. .Still according to Beredjiklian, the looser the ligaments and capsules become, the easier it is for the joints to crack.

However, the doctor assures you that it is not true that snapping your fingers is bad for or causing damage to your joints. This is because several studies have evaluated the relationship between snapping fingers and the existence of osteoarthritis, and the result was that no evidence was found that people who have mania are more likely to develop the condition than those who have it. who do not have this habit.

There is even one particular experiment in which a researcher who had a habit of snapping his fingers decided to study himself.After about six decades – that’s right, 60 years – causing the joints to burst through the cracking of the fingers of one hand, it was identified that it showed no increase in the presence of arthritis in the hand in which the act was performed compared. to the other hand.In addition, the publication also stated that at least one study has already identified that finger snapping releases a kind of therapeutic sense of release.

Doctor could not prove to nurse that snapping fingers is bad 

CNN told a curious story about the irritation of hand surgeon Robert Szabo, who was former president of the American Society of Hand Surgery, about Nurse Tanya Johnson’s snapping fingers.The doctor tried to convince the nurse to stop the mania by saying that it would hurt her, but she asked him to prove that the habit was really harmful. So when his colleague and radiologist Robert Bouting called him to do a study on snapping his fingers, Szabo accepted.

Together they ultrasonically examined several people who had the mania, including Nurse Johnson, before and after snapping their fingers. Contrary to what Szabo expected, the participants had no problems.On the contrary, the researchers found that they had a greater range of motion than people who don’t usually snap their fingers. The survey was presented in December 2015 at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, CNN reported.

Warning: Not all popping noise is innocent

Doctor Beredjiklian also warned that not all popping or popping sounds should be ignored. According to him, noise can also be observed when the tendons get caught in irregular bone or joint formations.

This is mainly seen in the neck and can cause harm depending on the person and their anatomy. So your advice is that when you notice that a weird noise has appeared in your shoulders or neck when they are flexed, you do not pop the area in question. See your doctor to see what it is and if the condition can be harmful to your health.

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