11 Benefits of Sand Training for Fitness and Health

11 Benefits of Sand Training for Fitness and Health.The significant increase in problems related to stress, overweight, obesity and increasing rates of many diseases have stimulated the development of research on issues related to improving quality of life.

Both balanced and nutritious eating and physical activity can be of great help in the pursuit of a healthier life, bringing numerous benefits to physical and mental health. Choosing an activity that brings not only quality of life, but that is also done in a pleasant way, is essential to be able to insert new habits in the routine.

Benefits of Sand Training

Physical activity has many advantages and is important in helping to control body weight, bring more energy and fitness, improve mental health, boost self-esteem, increase self-confidence, reduce stress, and also help to lower body fat. various diseases.

Most people do not like indoor training such as gyms or the practice of routine exercises and equipment. Outdoor training is becoming increasingly popular because it can bring the same benefits as other activities, but with the advantage of being in touch with nature and in more pleasant places.

Among the many types of outdoor exercise, sand training can be a practical alternative for those who still have a sedentary lifestyle and need to start exercising but don’t have as much time available or lack the financial resources. .

There are basically two types of beach surfaces, soft sand and hard sand. Walking or running on hard sand has almost the same effect as on asphalt. For the full benefits of sand training, it is important to choose soft sand sites.

Remember that before starting any activity, it is important to seek the guidance of a health professional and make a medical evaluation to ensure good results and also to prevent future injuries. It is also essential to have your own sneakers to perform exercises , as well as clothes suitable for physical activity.

Here are 11 benefits of sand training for fitness and health:

  1. Helps strengthen lower muscles

Many people, especially women, are looking for ways to achieve a more defined and athletic body. All physical activity can aid muscle development, but some help to develop more specific muscle groups and regions than other activities.

Several studies have shown that physical training on sand promotes greater muscle growth than training on other smoother surfaces because sand causes greater physical endurance during contact. This type of activity is great for those who want to strengthen their lower body muscles, including the thigh, butt, and calf muscles, stimulating increased muscle definition and also helping to reduce localized fat.

  1. Promotes the burning of many calories

Several studies have shown that sand training helps to burn more calories than training on smooth surfaces, such as asphalt, because resistance to sand exercise is higher, promoting twice as much energy expenditure. walking or running than training on other surfaces.

It was found that it is possible to spend up to 60% more calories every 1.6 km run on the beach compared to asphalt, because the more regular the surface, the better the body adaptation and the lower the resistance.

  1. Improves cardiorespiratory system and cardiovascular system

When an aerobic training is performed, the body starts working beyond its normal state, promoting a stimulus in the cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular systems, due to the increased demand of oxygen and nutrients to maintain the metabolism functions. This increase in respiratory capacity generates an increase in red fiber concentration, also improving the utilization of oxygen in the muscles.

Over time and regular exercise, the body will make less effort to send oxygen to the arteries, improving fitness. Studies show that people with a more active life have lower blood pressure and heart rate than people with a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Helps reduce stress

Exercise is critical to maintaining fitness and mental health, as it helps to improve various body functions, as well as assist in the release of wellness-related hormones such as serotonin and endorphin. These hormones help in increasing the mood, promote a pleasant feeling and also reduce stress.

In addition, a study conducted in the United States showed that people who spend more time outdoors and staying in touch with nature, especially in places such as the beaches, had fewer stress-related problems and better health.

  1. Helps to discharge bad energies

People are currently undergoing a process of electrical imbalance in the body that is enhanced by the poor lifestyle. With the constant use of many electronic equipment, the use of clothes and shoes that are insulating the environment, among many other things that prevent the exchange of energy with nature, there has been a considerable increase in various health problems.

A study by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden showed that people who were constantly connected to electrical devices were more prone to stress, anxiety, symptoms of sleep disturbance, and even depression.

When in contact with the sand, the body goes through a grounding process that promotes the balance of electrical charges present in the body. This balance makes training in the sand promote numerous health benefits, preventing various illnesses and helping to discharge the accumulated bad energy.

  1. Improves bone development

Among the many nutrients present in food, vitamin D, also known as sun vitamin, is present in different foods, but can also be produced by the body through the action of ultraviolet rays emitted by solar energy.

This vitamin is essential to ensure bone development, as it is responsible for calcium fixation and is therefore essential to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. The vitamin D deficiency can lead to a reduction of calcium levels in blood and may cause various symptoms such as increased incidence of fractures and bone diseases including rickets.

  1. Improves motor coordination

Sand training helps to greatly improve motor coordination, as the uneven surface of the sand activates the muscles in the lower body and also strengthens the abdominal and back muscles, helping to maintain body balance.

Over time and regular exercise, the body will be firmer, improving posture and motor coordination for day-to-day activities.

  1. Prevents joint damage

One of the major problems caused in many types of exercise is the possibility of injury, causing a health disorder to the practitioner. Practicing physical training in the sand helps to reduce joint problems, as soft sand absorbs the impact during activity and the body is subjected to less strain, preventing future joint problems and reducing the chances of injury.

  1. Helps to relax and reduce anxiety.

Among the many benefits of sand training is the ability to relax from everyday problems, increasing calm and inner tranquility. Training in open places where you have contact with nature can be very beneficial in increasing relaxation, also helping to relieve tension and, as a consequence, helping to reduce anxiety caused by the modern lifestyle.

  1. Helps you lose weight

We saw earlier that sand training burns a lot of calories and aids in muscle definition. This means that the body will have a higher caloric expenditure during the day and thus there will be a need for the body to use body fat as a source of energy, thus promoting healthy weight loss.

  1. Very simple to start

Starting a physical activity can be a big challenge, especially for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. Most people end up enrolling in gyms and often drop out in the first three months of activity.

Sand training is a cost-effective and easy-to-start option, helping to stimulate motivation to effectively start a new life. Get some friends together and go for a walk on the beach. It’s simple to get started and can also be quite fun.

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