Small capital coating maker shop business

Are you looking for a low capital business ? Coating can be started as a profitable business with less investment. Business is slow but there is no loss. Choosing the right place is very important for this business.

Coating mattresses are a very important component for humans over time. Especially during the winter season the importance of coating dryer increases manifold. People of all classes and occupations cover their beds with coating mattresses to prevent winter breaks and sleep a bit.

The coating mattress store can be a great business idea in terms of business direction. Because, it is now a very popular and profitable business sector considering the demand of coating mattresses and low quality capital investment. Any honest and dedicated entrepreneur can succeed by starting this business.

Where to store the coating dryer

Many people get involved and this business can be started in a market or a small shop in a market where communication is good.

Why coating quilt shop business began to

This is a simple business idea. There is no hassle to start this business. Only small capital investment is enough to start this business. It is a profitable business sector. This business is in great demand all over the country. The market for this business is expanding day by day. Any entrepreneur can choose this business as a profession. Due to the low risk of this business, many entrepreneurs are now eager to start this business.

How to Start a Coating Machine Shop

You need to set up a shop in the nearest market or market. Then the shop should be well decorated. According to the size and product, the cloth should be sewn around with the help of a machine. When sewing, one side should be left empty to hold the cotton. Then the coating, dryer, pillow, etc. are made by filling the empty space. Different size products will need to be made according to customer demand. This business can be started even by hiring experienced craftsmen.

Potential investment

The average price of cotton in our country is 5 to 5 rupees, while on the other hand, zoom cotton is 5 to 5 kg per kg. The cost of making a good quality single coating can cost 1-5 taka. And about 3+ bucks to make double coating. Moreover, there are shops for rent which are similar in one place.

Potential Income: Each single coating is sold at Tk. 8 to Rs. That means every sale can earn 5 to 5 taka.

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