Size doesn’t matter: tips for loving man with a small dick

Are you looking for an ultra plus combo type man? Yes, it is one that has all the characteristics that we dream of: beauty, character, content and a well-equipped amusement park! In real life, it is not very easy to find such a complete model. But if you found a nice person, you can get around some of these situations, like the dreaded little chick.

Do you want to know what to do so that your partner’s penis size is not an impediment to having fun and for the relationship to work? So, check out today’s post! I have separated some tips that will ensure that your passion for the boy remains high, even if his attributes are not so advantageous!

Small chick: a problem for them and for them

Believe me: penis size is a problem that makes men much more concerned than women. They feel extremely insecure about the length, the width, the shape of their friend down there … 

Even when they are very young, they begin to make comparisons. And in a wrong way, they end up understanding that to satisfy a woman they cannot have a small dick. Thus, the size of the document becomes a problem that affects their self-esteem and self-confidence.

For women, the small chick is also a problem. However, this happens much more due to a psychological issue than a physical one. The expectation of a big dick makes many girls excited and excited, and a partner with a less massive penis can generate some disappointment.

So, the small penis can be a problem that affects both men and women. But is that justified? I’ll explain in the next topic!

Small chick: why it shouldn’t be a problem

First of all, it is important to note that size is neither a document nor a performance. There are men with small chicks who compensate for this characteristic with other qualities and skills, becoming unforgettable lovers.

It is necessary to set aside that idea that sex is all about penetration. There is so much that the person can do in the foreplay , and it causes much more pleasure in the partner than the rubbing of the penis with the vagina. Paying attention only to the size of the penis is to limit your chance of having a really satisfactory sexual relationship.

So even a not very big boy can drive her crazy. If he knows how to use his hands, mouth and tongue well … My friend, this is worth a lot more and can produce a much better effect than a roll of considerable size! 

It is also important not to forget most of the nerve endings of the female sexual organs are in the external area (vulva and clitoris ) or closer to the entrance to the vagina. This means that the region where you feel the most pleasure is easily reached even by a small penis.

So, the fact that the penis enters the bottom of the vaginal canal has a psychological effect, but not necessarily a physical one. The woman is excited by what she sees, but she no longer enjoys it. In fact, in some cases, a really big penis can even limit creativity, as it becomes uncomfortable or even causes pain. It is something to consider!

Penis size: how to get around this situation

But let’s get to reality: let’s assume you started to meet an interesting man. He has a great chat, you get along great when you are together, love each other’s company. His attitudes have shown that his character is excellent. 

However, when you arrived in the moments of intimacy or even during that most excited make out you realized something that disappointed: the penis is small. What to do? Giving up on a nice person and a nice relationship just because the amusement park is not so spectacular or continue with the boy and get that little frustration? 

There are women who have lived with such partners for a long time and are very happy. So, I have put together some tips so that, even with a small dick, you can have a lot of pleasure during sex. Try it and see how it will give a boost to your relationship!

1. Caprichem in the preliminaries

A man with little gift, but with good will, can make you feel a lot of pleasure. If he caresses and caresses and has a wonderful oral sex , it is possible to reach orgasm even before penetration. 

With the right movement of his lips and tongue, accompanied by a strategic little finger, this boy can drive her crazy! So, see what he already knows how to do with these instruments. Even if he doesn’t know yet, if he is willing to learn, he has a chance of becoming an incredible lover. Give it a try and surprise yourself!

2. Don’t settle for dad and mom

Some positions favor a man with a small dick. Therefore, the ideal is not just to stay with Dad and Mom, but to look for other possibilities. They help to feel the penis more intensely, enhancing pleasure. Here are some examples:

Sex on all fours 

One of the best positions for those who have a partner with a small dick is the famous doggystyle or puppy, which is also known for sex of four. You will feel his penis more deeply, while the boy will love the sight of the woman’s butt and waist.

In addition, sex on all fours allows you to keep your legs close together, squeezing the entrance. This way, there will be a more intense friction between the penis and the vagina, expanding the pleasure for both.


For the fan position, you will lie on your face on a table or chair, leaving your butt well up and your legs upright. The man penetrates from behind, giving the penis a deeper access to the vagina.

In addition to the depth being better, the fan has another advantage: the penis stimulates the G-spot and the front wall of the vagina. Having sex out of bed also helps you get out of the rut!


In the sphinx position, the woman lies on her stomach on the bed. However, instead of having both legs extended, she bends one of them to the side. Once again, the man comes from behind and achieves a deeper and more pleasurable penetration.


Now, if you don’t like being penetrated from behind so much and prefer that close-up, eye-to-eye sex, there are also options. One of them is to lie on the bed with the belly up, but placing a pillow under the butt.

This lifting of the pelvic region will intensify their pleasure, due to the angle of penetration. The position also facilitates the contraction of the vagina, making the sexual act even more enjoyable for you and for him.

These are just some of the alternative positions to intensify pleasure, even with a small dick. See other tricks below!

Invest in pompoirism

In addition to being small, some penises are also thin. In such cases, as the friction is not so intense, both women and men may experience less pleasure. However, it is possible to change this with intimate gymnastics , which strengthens the pelvic muscles and teaches women to control the contraction of the vagina.

When the woman practices pompoirism, she is tight. That is, even if the citizen has a small dick, the friction between the penis and the vagina will be more intense and therefore much more pleasurable. This is a worthwhile investment!

4. Explore new possibilities

Have you ever thought about everything you tried to do with a big-dicked boy and couldn’t because it hurt? So, with a man with a small dick it is possible to experience all this, fulfill these fantasies and have fantastic sex! 

He wants some examples: if the man is big, even riding on his penis can be painful. With a man with a small dick, this is no longer a problem and you can explore this option that many women love.

There’s even more: anal sex can be much more comfortable with a man with a small dick. The smaller size also facilitates oral sex , and you can still make a dream come true for several of them, which is the deep throat, without feeling anxious. Did you notice how there is a huge range of possibilities?

5. Have fun with toys

Another option is to bring toys for the relationship of the two. If you think it is possible to scare him by introducing a vibrator right away, start with other possibilities. Buy something that you will use to give him more pleasure, like one of the famous eggs. 

Another day, bring something you two can enjoy, with a vibrating cock ring, and so on. Once he realizes that toys help the couple to have a more satisfying sexual experience, bet on the vibrators too.


A good number of women who relate to men with small chicks are unanimous in saying: they willingly compensate for the lack of size . They have an enormous desire to make their partner feel pleasure, and for that they go to great lengths.

So don’t be impressed by the size of the document. Enjoy this cool guy you met, use some of these tricks and devices and learn how to transform moments of intimacy into a real party. Thus, you will have what every woman wants: an incredible relationship and a wonderful sex!

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