Simple love letters

Simple love letters

When it comes to conquering a person’s love, you shouldn’t just rely on words, and those are the details and daily life that will make the other person really fall in love with you. Love may appear as a crush, but the most common is that it appears gradually and that the experiences lived between the two people are those that forge an increasingly indestructible love. But sometimes words are welcome too, although you may lack strategies for pronouncing them.

Simple love letters

I had never dared to write love letters because, first of all, there was no one who planted in my heart that beautiful feeling that would lead me to express my affection with words.

That was until you arrived and, easily and without thinking about it, you moved my whole world. Since then, I only think about writing you romantic messages, which serve as a sign of my love for you and always remind you that my heart belongs to you.

Because I love you, darling, and I want to tell you every day of your life.

If loving as I love you is a crime, I accept my sentence without fear, because there is nothing in the world that can make me desist from this great love that I feel for you; and it is that you have become everything to me, in my air, in my sky, in my sea and in my dream, and I do not conceive life without being by your side and without dedicating every second of the day to thinking about your lips.

Because you have managed to enter my mind and my heart, and now I cannot stop thinking, much less stop loving you.

My heart is engraved with your name and that is the guarantee that nobody can steal my love, because you are the only one who causes my sighs and ignites in me the flame of passion.

No matter how many women there are in the whole world, no one compares to you, and that is why I dedicate myself body and soul to loving you and making you happy, because I would not stand if you left my side.

Because my heart is engraved with your name and I will never love anyone again as I love you.

Nothing makes me happier than being by your side and whispering in your ear how much I love you, because I have discovered that spending time with you and showing you my affection are my favorite hobbies.

Therefore, you can be sure that I will always give you the best signs of affection, including love letters, in which I will embody my heart.

Short true love letters

I know I always tell you, but today I want to do it with a love letter, because then the words will not be blown away by the wind and you will be able to read them every time you think of me.

In this way, you will always have me in mind and you will not doubt for a second the great love that I have for you, because I will have left a mark on your heart, which will be printed again when you read this text.

Because I love you, and regardless of time or distance, I will always love you.

When we met, my heart leapt with joy, because I recognized in you the love of my life, and the emotion was even greater when you asked me to be with you every day and build a beautiful relationship with you.

Several years have passed since that first day when our paths crossed and our hands shook, and I confess that they have been the happiest moments I have had, because living by your side, and enjoying your kisses and hugs, has been the Better that happened to me.

I love you.

I love you as the sea loves the fish that swim within it, taking care of them and giving them encouragement, because it knows that, despite its immensity, its waters would never be the same without their presence.

And this is exactly what I feel, a love so great and immense, that makes me understand that if one day I don’t have you, I will never be the same and my happiness will end.

Because only you give meaning to my life, so I hope to have you until the end of my days.

I love you.

Being with you is like a dream from which I don’t want to wake up, because next to you I spend so many unforgettable moments, I would not want to end all this emotion.

Therefore, I ask you to stay with me and not be separated from me for an instant, because every time we are together, life becomes more interesting and I feel my heart beating fast, because you light the flame in me of love.

Stay with me and give me a thousand and one reasons to smile and feel that life is wonderful.

Love letters for my girlfriend

So many people in the world and I have chosen you to love you and keep you company, because I know that I would not find a more beautiful, humble and kind woman to make my life so wonderful.

You are more than I think I deserve and I do not know how grateful I am to destiny for having intertwined our paths, giving us the opportunity to share our love and add one heart.

I want you to know that there is no one on this Earth who loves more than you and that my greatest wish, today and always, will be to see you happy.

Because you are everything I need and long to have, forever and ever.

My heart is in your hands and I don’t want to change it, because I feel more than lucky to be in love with a woman like you.

Since we met, something in my soul woke up and understood that you are my reason for being and being, and that is why I decided to give you my eternal love and give myself completely, no matter what they say.

All I ask is that you stay with me without fear of failure, because no matter what happens, any problems or difficulties that we can overcome. Because love can do anything and that is what moves us and invites us to fly.

Have I already told you that I love you? If I have not, forgive me, because I have hidden the truth from you; and I have always loved you, since before I met you, and if I have never told you, it is because I have been a fool.

Because you deserve to hear the most beautiful words of love, that will take you to fly and make your heart vibrate. That is why, starting today, you will hear from my mouth and read in my hand and in my letter those two words that mean so much and that represent what I feel for you


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