3 Silicon Valley lessons for new entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley Lessons for new entrepreneurs is real thing. ​​Southern San Francisco in the United States IS the birthplace of large and successful  technology companies.Silicon Valley has managed has helped many big companies whenever they had no funding, talent and research.

Silicon Valley and its successful lessons

For experts, the success of companies in the Silicon Valley It is five steps that support the growth of entrepreneurs in the region.

  1. Ambition: A high growth industry needs ambitious entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses in the local area. This will improve their quality of local life and continue the desire to grow.
  2. Growth To achieve significant growth, companies need to look for ways to gain talent, funding and customers. The Fairchild Semiconductor company was able to get support from a New York banker.
  3. Commitment Founders must have the desire to stay in their local area and share their resources with the next generation of entrepreneurs.
  4. Reinvestment In Silicon Valley, the creators of successful companies are reinvested in other entrepreneurs and companies. Fairchild leaders inspired employees to start new businesses and launched their own spin-off companies like Intel. And it was part of the first corporate representation body in the region for entrepreneurs in the region.
  5. Innovation Another factor that characterizes entrepreneurs in the region is the innovation that exists in their products, services or processes. For them, if an entrepreneur doesn’t get into their business idea, innovation will fail quickly.

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